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  1. ay whattup 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iDeviLz o

      iDeviLz o

      Gotcha my man how we doin

    3. Gotcha


      doing good, yourself?

    4. iDeviLz o

      iDeviLz o

      Im doin' alright. almost done with college :crying2:

  2. I miss COD4 :(

    I really think that the Call of Duty franchise would do well if they revamped WaW, CoD 4, and MW2. Same everything, maybe update the graphics and make sure no hacks or glitches remain. they would 100% have my money.
  3. Working Life

    My name is Andrew, I'm currently a broke college student studying political science and economics. I'd love to go to law school, but we'll see where things go.
  4. Your previous ranks

    Believe I am missing the ranks of hardcore and imperial
  5. Community Update

    Interesting. Haven't been around in a long time, so I can't comment on what BHL needed but I from my past experiences the forum always could've been more active - this definitely adds a big incentive! Good luck!
  6. been gone for a long time….got the Xbox One now…shall I make a return

  7. getting an Xbox One in 2 weeks…the return of I3USH LEAGUEspin.gif?

    1. iDeviLz o

      iDeviLz o

      wow that filter is 2 years old. meant DEVIL Z


    I remember the old days hahaha but actually this is good to see back!
  9. thinking about making a return....

    1. Jones


      Dooooooooo it

    2. Stunzehh
    3. Marty


      Why not just say do it ? Like nike say

  10. BF4>Ghosts

    1. Oompa


      Destiny > BF4 > Ghosts

    2. Marty


      Minesweeper > Solitaire > BF4 > Ghosts

    3. Gooey Browniez
  11. New Captains !!

    nice and good luck
  12. So are most people getting the PS4 or what

    1. Mr 5ketch

      Mr 5ketch

      i am i still dont know about xbox one

    2. Oompa


      I'm getting it, just not getting one right way. Halo + MC + others. cant lose those.

    3. VystreloK


      Neither on launch. They both got things to work out, and i'm sure the Xbox One was made big just too sell a slim one for the same price in a few years.