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  1. ay whattup 

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    2. iDeviLz o

      iDeviLz o

      Gotcha my man how we doin

    3. Gotcha


      doing good, yourself?

    4. iDeviLz o

      iDeviLz o

      Im doin' alright. almost done with college :crying2:

  2. GTA 5 Online bike race money glitch

    What happened to this post? Patched?
  3. PC Cod:AW Players

    Hello looking for people who have the new call of duty on the pc. If you do add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/1274072309574584305/
  4. Calling ALL Steam Players!

    steam- nickakaviper
  5. Soup's 1000 Gem Giveaway!

    Skype Name: bhlxviper Number of builders you have: 5 Do you play on iOS or Andriod: iOS
  6. Pretty Good TH8 Base

    I think there's better. The clan castle isnt in the middle and the gold storages arent that well protected.
  7. Addicted to Clash of Clans...

  8. Help with TH8 Farming Base

    So my TH8 is finished in a couple of days and I need some ideas for a good farming layout! If you know any good ones you used please link them below! Thanks
  9. OG Black sheep.. damn the memories...

  10. #SpursNation

    1. II Soup II

      II Soup II

      Theyre gonna win it against the Heat in 6. Callin it