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  1. >dedicated servers Hasn't activision been promising that for like 5 generations of COD now?
  2. As if 8 person parties worked properly half the time anyways right?
  3. New Patron Perks!

    tempted to donate to get the award1. (Y)
  4. I pre order, because I typically pay for pre orders when i have a large availability of money, and when games i want havent been pre ordered, I typically dont have money around when I want them. Also gamestop will often change their pre order bonuses over the span of the 6 months leading up to the game, and if you pre ordered it earleir rather than later, they grandfather you in if they phase out any pre order bonsues you were originally promised, therefore better. I also pre order games irregardless of the reviews on them, because I want to play them. I loved CoD:AW regardless of what all the critics say about it, and I wanted to try unity, regardless of the buggy experience. I still do, and will continue, to pre order games. However, I may begin pre ordering digitally so I can play the game sooner. (Y)
  5. BHL Quiz #62: NFL

    this is by far the hardest one I've done yet. harder than the BHL-History one. X.X
  6. I don't know how to connect my live account to my origin account so my "soldier"will appear in their site, i really hate how much EA tries to shove origin down our throats.
  7. Anyone willing to gameshare?

    I'd always get digital versions, because then you can gameshare by putting another console as your primary with afriend
  8. Not true, look at Halo: MCC, if they did a Call of Duty: XXXXX Collection, and re-mastered all call of dutys for newgen, it would be epic, and probably be the best grossing.
  9. I bought a pack of 10+3, so I figured I'd share the results with you guys for prosperity: White Out Pants (Elite) KVA Believer Bandana (Elite) KVA Believer Boots (Elite) KVA Scout Gloves (Professional) KVA Scout Loadout (Professional) KVA Scout Mask (Professional) KVA Rebel Helmet (Professional) KVA Assassin Knee Pads (Professional) KVA Leader Pants (Professional) KVA Leader Boots (Professional) KVA Mercenary Knee Pads (Professional) KVA Shirt (Enlisted) KVA Support Loadout (Enlisted) Sentinel Airborne Loadout (Professional) Sentinel Medical Helmet (Enlisted) Marine Expeditionary Helmet (Professional) Atlas Orbital Helmet (elite) Atlas Airborne Pants (Professional) Atlas Contractor Shirt (Professional) Atlas Contractor Gloves (Professional) Atlas Assault Loadout (Enlisted) Atlas Green Cap (Enlisted) Atlas Vigilante Loadout (Enlisted) Nigerian Covert Helmet (professional) Nigerian Infantry Shirt (Enlisted) Nigerian Police Helmet (Enlisted) MDL - BackDraft (Elite) (No bonuses visible in weapon customization, just a fancy look to it) MP443 - H1 (Professional) (+1 Handling, -1 Accuracy, Permanent Red Dot Sight) Pytaek - Methodic (Professional) (+2 Accuracy, -1 Damage -1 Range) Lynx - Combatant (Professional) (+2 Handling, -2 Accuracy) MK14 - Desecrator (Professional) (+2 Fire Rate, -2 Mobility) SAC3 - Crime and Punishment (Professional) (+1 Handling, +1 Accuracy, -1 Ammo -1 Fire Rate) SAC3 - Rapid (Enlisted) (+1 Fire Rate, -1 Mobility) SN6 - Hammer (Enlisted) (+1 Damage, -1 Ammo) SN6 - C-Mas (Enlisted) (+1 Mobility, -1 Accuracy) PDW - Sub Cal (Enlisted) (+1 Fire Rate, -1 Damage) PDW - Compact (Enlisted) (+1 Fire Rate, -1 Handling) Atlas 20mm - Skilled (Enlisted) (+1 Handling, -1 Accuracy) RW1 - Typhoon (Enlisted) (+1 Accuracy, -1 Handling)
  10. BHL Quiz #54: SOTW/SOTM

    Umi wins the evil overlord 2015 award.
  11. Official BHL PC Minecraft Server

    Server is currently down due to the fact that nobody (and i mean nobody, i checked a few days before it went down and nobody had logged in in over a month and a half) playing it, because of how outdated it was. As soon as Sponge has a 1.8 release, I will likely start it up again.
  12. good job Dope, Captain-->Management this year. 'Grats
  13. New Awards For Clan War's

    since you cant see clan wars history, but I was in the top three of the first war, is there any way i can get awarded for it?
  14. Advanced Warfare - Clan Wars

    I just played over 10 games, for over 3 hours, and got one win. I got that win in a party of 4. every other game has been parties of 3 or smaller, and we're getting owned by the other clans. 1-2 player groups doesn't cut it. I went from playing for 3 straight days with an average K/d of 2.0 or higher, to going .4 and lower because of the emphasis on clan wars, and all the clans getting together for it.