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  1. battlefield 1 boosting XBOX 1

    im down to boost. just got an xbox 1. gamertag is BuckskinOutlaw just hit me up anytime
  2. Could you invite me please?
  3. Minecraft is out!

    Buy it! But it now!

  4. You add me, my Xbox is not hooked up right now...

    GT - Demonoiid

  5. Okay thanks. Add me on xbox so i can let you know when i get minecraft (sometime tomorrow)

  6. Yes you can play Minecraft, and download it again if you want.

    and yes you can have the black ops maps.

  7. Okay, but could i have the black ops DLC from you after i give you minecraft? Also when i file transfer you minecraft, will i still have it on my hard drive and can i still play it/ download again if i want to?

  8. no you won't get banned, just make sure that the account you buy minecraft one hasnt file transfered within the past 12 months :P

  9. well i used my second account. All i did was recover my friends account with my second controller then go to his download history then with my account i downloaded anything i wanted that he had. Will i get banned for that?

  10. did you do it with your profile, because you can only do it once per 12 months...

    I have a Mw2 Map pack, 2 Black Ops Map packs, and a bumch of other stuff

  11. Oh yeah ive done that before with MW3 map packs... i will let you file transfer it... but what DLC do you have? Do you have any Call of Duty DLC?

  12. when someone buys it, another person downloads it off there profile, and activates it on there xbox.

  13. What does file transferring minecraft do? how do you do that?