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  1. Missing/Different Ranks

    I should be a hardcore donator. If the donations reset after the recent update I can do again but just need to know
  2. Gamesharing?

    Theres a few there i would like to play. i dont know what all i have on my account right now but i do have gold till next year if yours is running low
  3. Gamesharing?

    Is there anyone willing to game share with me? im going to be buying quite a few games this year but right now i need people willing to share Hardline and GTA V. im willing to negotiate something if someone is willing to do it
  4. New Management team !!!!

    Congratulations you guys deserve it
  5. Town Hall 9 TROPHY base.

    Town Hall 9 Epic Defense Trophy base. With 4 Mortors and no archer queen. will come later but you can add her to the spot where i have a dark elixer just on the other side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpuj-aYaJCg Any suggestions feel free to comment them on my video on youtube (More likely for me to see them)
  6. New ps3 members skype chat room

    Please add Austin Graham or use my email its prob easier [email protected]
  7. A New BHL 2nd Clan has been created.

    Speedy i will donate troops on a regular basis if u give me another chance
  8. Our newest Honorary Veteran!

    Congrats man good hob keep it up
  9. 5 New NA Gamebattles Team Members!!

    Sweet thanks guys and good job to everyone else
  10. sorry to see you go dude. hope to still see you on the site

  11. Ok track 1-6 were blocked and then track 7 scared the hell out of me when it started lol.

    Anyway I'm here just to say sorry for my cheap remark earlier in the infected game, I was running on sleep and didn't think before my mouth spoke the words.

    You're an awesome guy, I'm just a silly sausage at times. :Victory:

  12. Mug Shots