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  1. October Update

    Nice !
  2. Outstanding Town Hall 4 Farming Base

    Below is a Miles Town Hall 4 Farming Base. It is a solid design for all you new players to use.
  3. My TH 10

    Very nice and thank you! Hard to tell what's going on with all those damn ballons in the way. Somebody get me a pin...lol
  4. My TH6 as of Today

    Browniez, Your base is an adaptation of what I used for toen hall 5. Have you seen my post for a town hall 6 base? It worked very well and was designed by Kenny and Gixxer. Just a thought.
  5. Congrats new Management Team and Sr. Advisor members!

    Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Well done and well deserved!
  6. Pearls of Wisdom for Game Play

    I edited #7 to include the research lab as suggested by Pyle and the spell factory.
  7. Pearls of Wisdom for Game Play

    I have been playing Clash of Clans since the last week in October 2013. I have some advice or pearls of wisdom for our new players and also the experienced folks. I know not everyone will agree, but this is my advice and following it has enabled me to advance rapidly. 1. Do not worry about trophies. Follow the loot. Delevel and as you go down loot with goblins. They are cheap and eat loot fast. 2. Study your town hall. Make a list of all the upgrades and new structures. Make a list of the item, cost, and time required. 3. Have 5 builders and always keep them busy. 4. Study the list and arrange your upgrades so it takes the shortest amount of time to complete everything with 5 builders. 5. When you are upgrading to a new town hall use the time to attack, loot, and raid to build your resources. 6. Once your new town hall is ready, use those resources to build everything new. 7. In this order upgrade the clan castle, research lab, spell factory, barracks, army camps, resources, and then defense. The exception is tesla coils which you should have at least one builder making along with air defense. Those two defense items take the longest and are the most expensive. So that leaves 3 of your 5 builders free for everything else depending on whether you have tesla coils. 8. Analyze your attacks and keep selecting the "next" button until you find people with loot content that is at least double the elixir you are expending. That way if an attack goes badly, you have enough elixir to generate your next attack. 9. If things do not go well remember a wise general knows when to retreat. Why waste all your troops if things are going badly? Concentrate on gathering the most loot and surrender. Otherwise you just waste elixir and make your troop build time longer. 10. Always load your barracks with troops for your next attack prior to the current attack. That way when you return from an attacking your troops are already building. 11. Load up your barracks to hide elixir there before going offline. 12. Try and spend your gold and/or elixir on an upgrade prior to going offline. To do that have your upgrade strategy list handy and know your looting goal for the next upgrade. 12. Do not rely on or wait for your clan castle troops. You do not care about trophies, so just go for the loot. Trophy pushing has a purpose if you are going for an achievement and the gem reward. Choosing bad opponents and being over matched is pointless. Learn how to attack with better tactics and strategy to help you be more successful and gather more loot for upgrades. Study the replay of others and learn tactics. Where did they attack? How did they attack? 13. Look at the hit points of buildings and design your base with a perimeter of high hit point buildings. Try and centralize your air defense, mortars, and clan castle to cover the entire base. Overlap arcs of defensive fire to provide support to each other and whittle down attackers fast before they can destroy your defenses. Spread out traps and bombs in strategic places, rather than put them all in one spot. Compartmentalize your walls and structure to slow attackers down and make them soak up defensive fire. An open base is easy prey, especially with rage spells. 14. Try a farming base design. That's all I use and it has worked very well to protect my loot for town hall 5 through town hall 8. But remember I drain all the resources I can before I go offline. My town hall is usually attacked in under 5 minutes after I go offline and I get a free 12 hour shield. Oh yeah and don't forget to have fun!
  8. BHL Winter Leaderboard Update Week 3

    Somebody please catch up and shoot that Turkey!!! Good effort folks. Keep it up and this will be a close competition for that Jersey. Don't let Turkey run away with it.
  9. Outstanding TH 8 Farming Base

    Below is a farming base designed by Kenny that has been doing an outstanding job protecting my loot. I was never 3 starred. Everything is upgraded except for the walls. I have started the Town Hall 9 upgrader and finished the remaining 80 walls (40 million gold) while I waited 9 days for the upgrade to complete. The base uses the same design concepts as my Town Hall 6 and 7 bases I have posted. The 5th builder is in the corner below the bottom of the base.
  10. I have been a member of BHL for over 5 years. But prior to that I served in the United States Navy for 20 years and retired as a Master Chief Submarine Electronics Technician. Recently I was approached by a couple members that planted an idea. The idea is one I feel very passionate about. Many of our members are either currently serving on active duty, reserves, national guard, or are military veterans and retirees like me. Those members have dedicated a portion of their life in military service to their country. Our military veterans endure extended periods of family separation and work under some of the most unimaginable conditions and stress. Over the past few days a small group of staff has worked in secret on a new award. The intent of the award is to show appreciation to our members with military service. To honor their sacrifice, we are introducing a new rank, secondary rank, and award. The new award is open to any BHL member either currently serving on active duty, reserves, national guard, and military veterans regardless of the country of service. The award is "Angels Of Death". This is my award and I will personally screen the applicants. I am the only Admin with a military service background. A word of advice and warning, if you are not a military veteran do not try to lie and apply. I will perma ban you! That means there will be no reinstatement. This is a serious award. If you go to my profile you will see it says on my banner "Freedom is not free. The blood of Patriots has paid for the liberty we all enjoy." This award is intended to honor our military patriots. Please send me a PM if would like to be considered for the award. I will respond back with a time we can chat on XBOX live or Skype. Then once the screening is complete I will grant the award. I am proud to be a part of the awards creation and just have to say one thing: Thank you for your service! Below is the artwork for the award: Award Rank Bar
  11. help me

    Sox, I am doing what you are contemplating. My base is TH 8 and I am in the crystal league. I farm and that avoids direct attacks that would wipe me out. Any sniff of good loot will bring attackers seeking a weaker opponent. When I attack my opponents are almost always TH 9 and 10. Their clan castle are 25 or 30 spaces of high level troops that wreak havoc on me. My troops are level 5 and the bases I attack make them look weak. I farm and I get attacked immediately once I go offline. That helps protect my loot I am piling up for upgrades and gives me the shield. I do try and not leave anything tempting in storage. Dark elixir takes a long time to gather and can be looted easily. The trick is to strike a good balance between loot, upgrades, and difficulty. Below is my base that Kenny designed. Good luck and Skype me if you want to chat. Good luck!
  12. Clash of Clans 25$ iTunes Gift Card Giveaway!

    TH level - 8 Number of Builders - 5 Name - AngelOfDeathBRK Why you want the gift card for gems - I will only use them to upgrade my troops (research) and barracks so I can donate more troops to my clan mates. I will show proof of this statement for auditing purposes. It would be a windfall for me that I would pay forward. The more powerful my troops are the more helpful it is to everyone when I donate. Sadly the more I donate the less elixir I have to use for troop upgrades. The very thing I am doing prevents me from improving what I am doing. It is a chicken and egg thing!
  13. TH5 Layout - farming

    I used the first layout in this post and it was awesome. I was never over run and killed a lot of town hall trophy seekers. Partly due to having good troops in my clan castle.