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  1. Best gun in the game?

    doing this thx for the info
  2. Hey all im getting my PS4 Pro really soon looking to get players to play with me as ive been offline for like 3 years lol my PSN name is GConwell send me a friend request and say your BHL name so we can play.
  3. BHL's Top Pokemon!

    here my top pokemon
  4. Hey, I'm always on Clash Royale; so just catch me on here or there and I'll be ready to battle!

  5. Clash Royale Tournament - SIGN UP!

    Site Name: GConwell Clash Royale Username: Conwell Player Level: 6 Arena Level: 3 Highest Individual Trophies: 1183 In the BHL Gaming clan?: Yes
  6. needed this info was gona do my name too but didnt want to mess up lol thx
  7. http://en.pangu.io/ Hopefully you didn't upgrade to 9.2 or higher. 64 Bit Devices: IPhones from 5S to 6S. iPad 4th Gen, IPad Air 1+2, IPad Pro iPad Mini 2 and newer.
  8. Clash Royale Deck Building Guide

    requested to join
  9. Clash Royale Deck Building Guide

    thx i knew to come back to BHL to find out info on this just started the game yesterday
  10. GTA Character Transfer Issues

    can i transfer my xbox 360 character to ps4
  11. New MT HQ Dope

    Thats Dope+
  12. invite me PSN:GConwell
  13. Grand Theft Auto V: PS3 to PS4 Comparison Video

    wow might get this now again be some difference from xbox 360 to PS4
  14. [PS4] Advanced Warfare | Lobby

    add me i will team up with you when your on PSN:GConwell
  15. [PS4] Advanced Warfare | Lobby

    k this week im working 4 to 12 uk time so i will be on b4 and after that time