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  1. A Post For Wootie RIP

    so sad to see an innocent soul leave us too soon. RIP.
  2. Massive Minecraft update coming to all consoles

    Can't wait for this to be implemented. Haven't played Minecraft in a really long time, but to know that it may be close to the PC version now excites me
  3. This is interesting. I'm a fan of the Hunger Games, but i do not how I would feel about watching these prequels after seeing the already released movies. I'll still probably see it, not care, and make a marathon out of it
  4. New Veterans!

    woohoo! grats fellas
  5. Anyone play?

    The era before they implemented those trade limits was the best (like 2003-2004)
  6. A Gamers Suggestion!

    Just cause you're calling it by a different name doesn't mean it's not still the platoon system.......
  7. I miss COD4 :(

    COD4, [email protected], and MW2. Head ache free from hackers was a plus during those days!
  8. Gaming Headsets

    always wanted to pick myself up a pair of astros or tritons. Aside from stock headsets that came with the console or headphones which i've used for my mp3s I've used the x42s for my 360 which i loved because i didn't have to worry about battery life.
  9. new award

    This one is interesting.
  10. For the suggestion box.

    Feel free to re-suggest those ideas that you think should be put in place.
  11. For the suggestion box.

    Some of those approved suggestions may actually just be implemented ideas that may no longer be in place because of updates. If the idea sits as a suggestion and holds no value or does not look like it will be approved/implemented then it would be denied. Suggestions are either approved or denied, so only need those 2 rooms. Could even be approved and move up chain of command to ultimately get rejected by Sr. Staff too tbh..
  12. Gain Automatic Cryptokeys!

    *grammar nazi inbound* You wrote "you're". Should be "your". *flies away*