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  1. Missing/Different Ranks

    I was Vet and AOD
  2. New PC is in! New apartment on the 1st! :yes

    1. Rx Scripts

      Rx Scripts

      Damn Right! new and new

  3. New PC gamer

    Thank you for all the help sir! I will go to a local company and see what they came do for my price range
  4. New PC gamer

    So I've never gotten into PC gaming and don't really know exactly what games I'm looking to play except csgo. All I know is PC gaming has a lot more games and I want to widen my gaming experiences. I'm supposed to be selling my Mac book tomorrow unless the guy bails on me. Could some of you guys post parts to a pc that I could build for $800-900 or less that could run every game well and will be decent. Please include all parts needed as I have no clue about any of the parts. Thanks
  5. I've never gamed on pc, could i build a decent one for 900$ ?

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    2. Pit Stains

      Pit Stains

      And quite honestly, ... 4k and VR is super over-rated still. Stick to 1080p gaming, or maybe 1440 if you do want some extra resolution (game permitting). You can get good 1080p FPS with the onboard graphic of the CPU.

    3. Gotcha


      Honestly I would Stick with what Pit said but i would put a 1060 in there.

    4. Nuke



      @Pit Stains

      thanks fellas! When I go to build one I'll message you guys

  6. Hey guys I will be playing Infinite warfare at midnight on release date. Don't know how serious I will be in to the game, just depends how much I like it. I'll be playing all night on release night no matter what though so if any PS4 players want to play that night or any other time add my psn: Sarver_US ***Most of you guys probably know me as Nuke, just changed my names around
  7. I can't wait for TWD season 7..

    1. Wolf


      I know who dies....



      Go Read The Comic :P

  8. Will be heading home tomorrow :)


  9. Finally will be home Saturday after being away for 4 months!


    1. Puggle


      You earned a good rest, boss.

  10. Congrats of finishing basic, pm me proof and I will move you to AoD Rank

  11. Leaving for basic training in 22 days!

    1. HQ Dope


      Good luck... you will be missed by yours truly.

  12. Working Life

    I currently go to school for criminal justice and I leave in January for Army basic training!
  13. Community Update

    Defiantly a change, excited to see where this goes!