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  1. Dark Zone Loot Run

    Saved for when I actually get leveled up lol. Thanks man
  2. Two New MT's

    Congrats gentlemen! Well earned!
  3. A Post For Wootie RIP

    damn the good always go young. always had a great time raiding on destiny with wootie playing. RIP
  4. Your previous ranks

    can i get professional? I was a tan before I went captain lol
  5. Need ideas for a new Gaming PC

    Alienware is overpriced lol. I built my laptop with better specs than most alien wares for a fraction of the price.
  6. New Veterans!

    Congrats guys!! Well done!!
  7. [November 2015] Member of the Month WINNERS!

    Congrats to both of you! High quality members, well deserved!
  8. Anyone play?

    Oldschool bro! Its the 07 era and brings back so many memories haha
  9. XBOX 1 minecraft survival map

    Gamertag is iiTrunkzz! Minecraft is always fun with a large group!
  10. Win $50 just for guessing (FO4 Giveaway)

  11. 10 years old!

    Definitely halo3, as I had near 80 days played on it. lmao
  12. Anyone play?

    I do lol, just started a new account on oldschool and dmm that I play on. lol
  13. Tray's Oldschool Daily Log

    Like the idea if you keep it updated. Seen a lot of these that never got kept up with,
  14. [NEW] Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Awards!

    Sweet! Pretty cool designs aswell!
  15. New Members On The Moderator Team

    Well done guys!!