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  1. Mug Shots

    10/10, Would smash.
  2. New Captains!

    Moving up in the world Sean eh?
  3. Anytime man! I'm always making gifts for people, & Yeah i've started but i haven't actually really got into that much.

  4. Haha thanks a lot man.

    You ever watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

  5. Well thanks for helping me pick out a theme for the sig :D


  6. I've watched a lot & still got a lot to finish lol my main one is nartuo tho & detective conan

  7. Itachi lol & i love it but i have a lot i watch like detective conan, Another, Brave 10, Blue Exorcist ikkitousen, Samruai Girls, i can go on for a while lol.

  8. Who's your favourite? I have moved on and started to dislike Naruto xD

    You watch any other anime?

  9. Yeah lol i'm gonna switch to my fav naruto character tho when i can.