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  1. You need a Profile check out my awesome profile shop


    grats bro <3

  3. Some fourzerotwo <3

  4. Finally Some MW3 Nerfs

    I am glad the Type 95 and dual FMG9's are getting nerfed, Maybe I'll pick up the riot shield a bit more often knowing that info. That 60k cap really puts a damper on boosting as that is less half of what you could achieve before for one game, although im sure boosters will persevere.
  5. Just got home from helping my brother move, and we're moving more tomorrow. So exhausted

  6. 10th prestige on MW3 already! Nice!

  7. Thanks for the 2x XP time my friend. Very helpful considering I'm from Australia and can't get any codes. much love to you my American ally! <3

  8. Domination Boosting - Class Guide

    Lookin good ryan +1
  9. The thing about the elder scrolls games compared to ones like la noire or mass effect is it doesn't follow a set path like the other games, so idt it being on two discs would even work seeing as its an open world environment, unless there was a second disc that you needed to download on your hard drive, which would be dumb.
  10. Pray for BHL x GAVIN x's sister

    ill keep her in my prayers