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  1. What's your PSN? Post it here!

    PSN: chrisjcjr
  2. Two New MT's

    Congrats guys!
  3. BHL US Guild for ESO

  4. New Advisor!!!

  5. 5 years with BHL today glad to be apart of a great site with a great group of people!

  6. Forza Horizon 2: Quick XP Boost Glitch

    no problem worked great for me early on.
  7. Way to get your perks high quick. 1. Go to airport with a car that loses control easy. 2. Drive back and fourth through the long straight away doing a drift. 3. Use your perks towards multipliers to increase score.
  8. 2 New Advisors

  9. Internet is back up!

  10. Welcome to Management Team!!!

    Congrats Sox
  11. Black Ops 2 - Anybody wanna play?

    Hey how are you man. I will have my 360 back tomorrow and will add you we can game on bo2 if your on tomorrow night.
  12. 3 New Captains!!!

    Congrats guys
  13. Evil Controllers Event: GTA5: Golf Tournament (360)

    -Gamer Tag:chrisjcjr -Time slot desired :any -I have read all rules and regulations placed by the Events Management Team and Will abide by them at all times during the contest: yes
  14. 2 New Advisors

    Congrats guys very well deserving.