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  1. Congrats boys! Great accomplishment to all of y'all.
  2. How many xBox One players do we have

    I've got an xbox one with Ghosts, add me gamer tag is iAzzurroN
  3. 2 New Advisors!

    Congrats both of you, well deserved I know you will both do extremely well in the position.
  4. A Glimpse of Nuketown 2025

    Can't wait for Nuketown, I have missed it dearly.
  5. I see you're weekly featured profile!

  6. Mug Shots

    Same here, it gets really annoying on the neck.
  7. Yo man, hop on Skype from time to time for our group chat!

  8. Costa Rica, here I come!!! Spring Break 2012!

    1. BHL Unreal

      BHL Unreal

      Nice have fun!!!! its gonna be alot warmer than Canada lol

  9. Congrats Anna!

    Congrats Anna, great work, welcome to the VetHood!
  10. Great Profile!!!

    Im jealous!