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  1. Favorite GTA

    San Andreas no doubt.
  2. i was hoping they would do something with glaz.. scope was to shinny
  3. I miss COD4 :(

    Cod4 <3! id personally buy another copy if y'all decide to host lobbies! i might actually have a good reason to pull an all nighter
  4. Best Xbox One games?

    The new need for speed is alright! same old arcade racing game, Car customization is on point tho... Fallout 4 and GTA5 and Zombs!
  5. The Secret World

    I completely forgot about this game! I finally upgraded to a new laptop(5xbetter), just might give it a download
  6. Halo MCC

    If this is still going on, I game mcc on xbox1 and halowars xbox360. getting halo5
  7. they are both amazing!! listen to JB's new song. Big Sean ftw (i'm not kidding)

  8. Heisman was such a ballin song. Work hard play hard is equally great i guess haha. how goes it?


  10. Space Bound. love you're song