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  1. Yay good to see you active :)

  2. New Honary Admin B H L x Curby x

    Damn i haven't been on in about a week and this n00b becomes red
  3. New Captains - Congrats!

    All well worthy of the BHL captain position, good work!
  4. [url=http://live.xbox.com/en-US/profile/MessageCenter/SendMessage.aspx?ru=%252fen-US%252fprofile%252fprofile.aspx%253fGamerTag%253dAdamF77>=AdamF77][img=http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/7420/bhlriotbanner.gif][/url]

  5. hello pal, not 100% what to do from here really?

    i should be on most of the day on tues if your on.

  6. Alright mate, glad to see you made it!

  7. Minus the fact that he is from the UK, lol, good booster... BTW Props on Graphics Design.

  8. Another BHL 10/70

    Well done Pit! do you get anything for reaching 10/70, extra kill streak, gold weapons or anything?
  9. New Captains

    Congratulations to all new captains , good to see Bullet back to the captains role & i would also like to personally welcome Rangers you’ve been with us for ages and is fully deserved in what will be a great addition to the BHL staff team.
  10. New Honorary Admin

    ideal choice i reckon, well done man!
  11. MW2 - Perks, Weapons, Attachments, Grenades, Launchers

    Has this been put back up anywhere, anyone?