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About LazyPressingBot2017

  1. LazyPressing is the most secure and safe clash of clans bot in the market. No one has ever got banned using LazyPressing's Clash of Clans Bot, we have embedded an anti-ban technology to keep everyone happy. Bot with peace while you're AFK (Away From Keyboard). Additionally, we are always up-to-date with the latest releases or updates from clash of clans to keep your botting experience the best. The following is the change-log for Version 1.20.3 Revision 2526 New feature: Minimum needed clan castle troops, minimum needed clan castle spells Improved Babyloon algorithm (Multiple possibly deploy points for Heroes and Wallbreakers) Added support for Bert's system which allows creating a form for custom settings for attack algorithms (The algorithm developers need to implement this system if they want to offer custom settings) Fixed: Minions wouldn't deploy for everyone Updated Humanbarch & Darkdragon deploy Added: Option to filter level 8 air defenses (avoid strong base module) Added: Definition for level 9 air defenses Attack API feature: Added "IsForcedAttack" property to opponents Minor improvements and bug fixes for a more reliable botting experience :). How to use advanced algorithm settings: The advanced settings button will only appear if you have selected an algorithm which has implemented custom settings. Right now there are only two algorithms which offer algorithm specific settings - the humanbarch and dark dragon deploy. Fore more information please check our website at https://www.lazypressingbot.com/