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  1. Hey people, hope everyone is well and looking forward to christmas. Be safe over the holidays guys.
    If anyone got PS4 and wanna catch up or anything more than welcome to add me always room for fellow BHL members.
    PSN: xHargreaves

  2. Missing/Different Ranks

    Been a while but last a seen I was vet. May have removed it since then been that long.
  3. Wow its been a while hope everyone is well.

  4. Battlefield 1 EXP Glitch

    Not the best video but gives you an idea. This will work with any map with BOATS. Careful of spawns some people do tend to spawn in your boat and drive you away best to do it in 2's. Doing this will rank you class up you spawn with I.E. spawn with medic you get medic class EXP.
  5. battlefield 1 boosting XBOX 1

    If you use the EXP glitch like PIT said get on a map with boats on it, then spawn in a boat 1 drive 1 shoot go to the other side of map where they spawn and sit and destroy boats is all I do. Everytime the boat is destroyed it instantly respawns. constant 250EXP for destroying it at extra for damaging it. Your CLASS your using will also rank up so your medic or anything like that.
  6. LOL, you have no idea what you just said do you. There will be no modding for this version of cod 4 for the simple fact its impossible to do it on an xbox one.
  7. Pokemon Go Sniping BOT!

    Using this method will allow you to catch pokemon all over the world WITHOUT BEING SOFTBANNED! Download: https://mega.nz/#!HQIVXZbJ!B3ilO2_441MLEU82hf5gLQVEVofDhWzb1VmChbpx4BU How to set up! Begin with editing PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe.config open it up in Notepad or preferred text editing tool. Set DefaultLatitude to the latitude of where you currently are "Your real location". Set DefaultLongitude to the longitude of where you currently are "Your Real Location." Choose AuthType: Ptc or Google. Ptc - Enter Username and Password in the fields named accordingly. Google - You don't have to edit anything, don't touch the refresh token, that will be saved automatically later. Then after that run the EXE. NOT THE CONFIG EXE. https://gyazo.com/ab2218b4c03d1168cd5ff25acd39b13b Then find your pokemon: https://skiplagged.com/pokemon/ https://gyazo.com/44c3c106eee324cd44907b729beaa27b Hit DIRECTIONS https://gyazo.com/527de0f8f770ea5414cc7bb7d9f0a9bb On the top of the search bar use the 2nd set of COORDS! Type everything in to the bot. https://gyazo.com/4d32447e71bc42cb90df95a91811671a Watch it catch your pokemon. https://gyazo.com/8d1eead3411b4b7c3afc4961cf7c6130 Credit S7.
  8. Pokemon Go Team Signatures + Avatars

    Hey guys I read an article on facebook and found these people are using them to show there team support on pokemon which makes a pretty fun rivalry between everyone (unless you take it way to seriously) I thought I would share them here. Obviously they would need resizing. If I can I will get around to it if not someone else is welcome to. There are more out there when I find them I will post them up but for know here you are. ALL 3 TEAMS! TEAM INSTINCT! Avatar! Signature! Team Mystic Avatar! Signature! Team Valor! Avatar! Signature!
  9. Destiny: Rise of Iron Leaked on XBOX

    Today Xbox had a leak about what is included in the upcoming DLC. Inside this we get a leak about what to expect inside this DLC, and also a date with a higher quality image of Lord Saladin "Destiny: Rise of Iron is the next highly anticipated expansion to the Destiny universe. The wall which stood for centuries along the southern border of Old Russia has collapsed. Fallen mutants now scavenge the tombs of the Golden Age, and the plague they have unearthed in the wastes is more dangerous than even they understand. Join Lord Saladin. Journey into the Plaguelands. Learn the fate of the Iron Lords and stop the growing threat before it is too late. Includes: • New Story Campaign & Quests • New Armor and Gear • New Weapons • New Raid • Maximum Light Increase • New Strike • New Plaguelands Zone & Social Space • New Crucible Mode & Maps • New Enemy Faction and Bosses"
  10. Bungie Revealing the next Destiny DLC tomorrow 10am Pacific on Twitch.

  11. So the new remastered COD4 will have 2 brand new maps in it.... Could be interesting. Also infinite warfare may be bringing in a Beta.....

    Hopefully you will get to play COD4 in the beta because thats all anyone wants from this.

  12. Three New Veterans!!

  13. Welcome to this simple tutorial on how to mod Minecraft on Xbox One this is pretty old but i can not see a tutorial on it surprisingly but here it goes. What you will need: USB Device Or A Xbox One transfer cable A Xbox 360 and a copy of Minecraft. The modded save below. And a program to open your save E.G 360 Rev, Horizon Be sure That The USB is formatted to the 360 and copy any save over to it with your own profile attached to it. When copied over unplug the USB and plug it into your PC or laptop. Open up 360rev/Horizon and find your save and copy the profile device and console ID's into notepad as you will need these in a second. When you have noted them down open the modded save and replace the nulled ID's on it to the ones you just noted down and reshash and resign it. Save the file to USB and close 360 rev/Horizon. Plug the USB back into the 360 and boot Minecraft. On the world select screen press the option to upload the save to Xbox One, When this has uploaded turn the 360 off and boot the Xbox One. Now that you are on the Xbox One level select screen use the option retrieve Xbox 360 save and wait for it to download. Once downloaded you have modded the Xbox One version of Minecraft. Take a look below at the screenshots of what I've got on my Xbox One version. Screenshots:
  14. How to get mincraft mods and modded maps for xbox one

    Actually you can mod maps on xbox one for Minecraft, you can load maps from your 360 version to xbox one. If you look around the internet enough you will find some and TUT mate.