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  1. I'm going to livestream in 10 minutes. it's going to be on bo3. if you want to join then tell me so. Send me a message to my gamertag "TheDLCdude"


  2. playing gta v on xbox one. who in


  3. I'm going to make a BO3 video.If anyone wants to join, then say 1124

  4. this site is dope


  5. I'll be on BO3 at 4:30. If anyone wants to join in some zombies or multiplayer.

    1. Puggle


      Ill play zombies with you But. It my favorite game more :D

  6. I'm live streaming on Twitch. check me out if you want.

  7. What is up guys. I'm new to this and I am exited. I have a YouTube Channel under the name "TheDLCdude Games". I also am on Twitch under the name "TheDLCdude". Hope you guys enjoy and thank you.

    1. Puggle


      Welcome my friend! Looks like you love gaming as much as we do!