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  1. Torquay hit 35 today , wow its so hot in the UK right now

    1. Pit Stains

      Pit Stains

      I wish it was 95 here. It's 112...

  2. 43% of people in the USA and 52% of Britons believe in ghosts. 18% of Americans say that they’ve actually seen a ghost and 27% claim to have experienced something “paranormal.”*

  3. Did you know the phrase

    "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

      contains every letter of the alphabet

    1. Pit Stains

      Pit Stains

      I did. That's why you see it when picking a new font in some programs :P

    2. iBUGATTii
  4. Whats the release date on this , all im getting is August / September
  5. Clans 1 & 2 for BHL Members only

    Please make sure that ALL members in each clan are a member of BHL or get them to sign up . In clan 2 the other day we was all donating troops to this guy who we thought was a member of the site and after he ranked up a few times he just left the clan , under no circumstances shall you invite your mates/Buddies into the clan just to rank up and then leave . Whoever created the clan ( Clan leader ) will have the final say on who joins after he / she has made all the necessary checks that those who want to join are signed up to BHL
  6. Eight years after electing its first black president it looks like USA is about to elect its first orange one. https://gyazo.com/34bcdf820b33ceebf2412d6421ef65e2

    1. Astronaut OG

      Astronaut OG

      Farrah Abraham is running for President?

      That'll be a good time for Congress.

    3. iMapleZ



  7. A Post For Wootie RIP

    Wow what a loss , and such a young age , never had the pleasure to hear that laugh or game with you Bro , Its always hard for the ones that are left behind , a young family and wife ........
  8. 3 Times world Champion . congrats to Lewis Hamilton on winning the F1 Grand Prix 2015 , weather turned out dry as well but the safety car was out for a long times during the race

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    2. Sox ll

      Sox ll

      One of the best races of the season and plagued by safety cars shows the current state of f1

    3. GiXXer11


      Best race of the year... BOO HOO Rosberg!! Hope RED can give them a race next year tho!

    4. Black Sheep

      Black Sheep

      Screw Ferrari, they thought it was unclassy of the F1 teams to invite fans in during all that rain.SNOBS

  9. 100,000 Members!

    This has took 7 years to achieve , when we had a few hundred members we all thought that would be it , COD4 was out and we was all Boosting to hell and back and we was talking about our 1000th member , most of us said it would never happen but boy how wrong we was . Such a frill to see that number above the Shoutbox ....
  10. Xbox One Free Stuff

    Click Here to View all the free Goodies
  11. Battleborn Beta

    BattleBorn Beta Not out until 2016 but worth a go ...
  12. Putting your phone on airplane mode will stop ads from popping up while playing games.

    1. Maximus


      Don't buy expensive binoculars. Simply stand closer to the object you wish to look at!



      or just guy the game that is Ad free

  13. FACT : Farting consistently for six years and 9 months, is enough gas produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

  14. Bear Grylls real name is Edward Michael Grylls.

    1. Maximus


      Bear was the nickname his older sister gave him when he was a baby. Maybe shortening Edward to Ted/Teddy....Bear

  15. Here in the UK you can be sent to prison for not paying your TV Licence or watching TV for free , While in Prison you can watch TV all day for free .....

    1. Marty


      Ah. Well actually. You can't :P don't pay it. Screw the BBC

    2. BHL Twist

      BHL Twist

      You can have a tv aslong as you dont watch live tv so aslong as its not hooked up to a tv box your all good.

    3. Marty


      When they come inspecting. Put a sheet over it....or do what I do, don't let them in lol.

  16. BHL's Advanced Warfare Clan [XBOX]

    scaffolder , invite me NooBs
  17. Black Friday , Cyber Monday = spending money you dont have on things you dont want

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    2. TheGamingTray
    3. Marty


      Black Friday - the day americans fight for stuff they don't need or want the day after being thankful for everything they've got.

    4. Shox
  18. Anyone play Hay Day?

    Im just about to go into Level 64 , not sure how many levels there are
  19. Anyone play Hay Day?

    I have it and unlocked all my space including my fishing and train spots , It is addictive
  20. Resolved: New loot Cave - Can be done Solo!

    Thats a great spot for farming
  21. All About Farming and The Methods (Items and Bounties)

    Great post and will be trying all these
  22. Destiny Legendary & Rare Farming Spot

    This works well . I played for 3 hours last night and went from 12 - 14 and doubled by defense and picked up some decent weapons , I will doing this again but its pretty boring on your own , one thing you have to watch out for is Legit players on missions who come in for battle , two guys entered who where level 25 each with some huge guns

    Yea great game , i spent 3 hours on it the other night
  24. Ghosts Boosting!

    Anyone wanna try this out tonight ( as in Friday night UK TIME )
  25. Destiny CLAN

    Requested to join ,