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  1. Calling ALL Steam Players!

    Steam Name: sxelethalsxe
  2. Omg where you go? :/ I miss you no homo

  3. There wasn't exactly a place for me so im hoping this is the right team
  4. Really nice profile man.... Love the bear sig. And u forgot me in ur list :( either way hi lol

  5. And wait why do you want to come to my house when my parents arent home..?

  6. Long time no see buddy, Hope your keeping well!

  7. Man when i made that thing i had me and anna and a few other make a list and i even for several days put in the shoutbox that im making a list and if anyone thinks they should be on it to msg me... i didnt forgot you i just had so many people to sort through, but i still have room, let me find the original PSD and i will add you bro :)

  8. I Cried to see that I'm not on your list :(

  9. I swear if you died on me.. Imma cry Dx