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  1. 9 Years.... :L:

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    2. Marty


      Aye it's only been about 7 of them you've been inactive :Babysmile:

    3. lz Rapidz zl

      lz Rapidz zl

      Its about 7 years inactive for all of the old group ;)

    4. dantheman



  2. What’s up man 

    1. Mackay x

      Mackay x

      How's it going Charlie?



      Good man. You got discord?

  3. 8 years I've now been a member on here. Crazy to think I was 16 when I signed up :Shock:



      Same here man i think i was 14 when i signed up haha. Times were great and definitely is going by too fast.

    2. xADDZx


      Sorry to hear that :Laughing2:

  4. Alright ya noob!! Call in sick to work and we can boost!

  5. Hi Guys We are trying to get a steady boosting squad going for WW2 on Xbox One! We currently have three people who are looking to get boosting ASAP. @Mackay x @BHL Rab @x DaN iZ SiiK z We need 6 people who have 2 x controllers that are interested in getting BHL back to the top of the leaderboards or who want to boost their levels. We have been idle for too long and what perfect way to rejuvenate the website than get our name back on a leaderboard. If you are interested please leave your gamertag below or send me a message on Xbox. My gamertag is Mackay x Cheers Mackay
  6. You still alive or are you still trying to buy some pink leg warmers? 

  7. Well, look who it is... Superdan 2k8



  8. New Weapons and Supply Drops

    Some people are saying tomorrow the new supply drops will be released in conjunction with the COD points, these are all in the game file so could be before Xmas
  9. New Supply Drops Legendary Supply Drop Epic Supply Drop Weapon Supply Drop Gewehr 43 Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Sideview 500 Kills Calling Card Type 5 Placeholder Image 500 Kills Calling Card Volkstrumgewehr Base Variant Angled View Beretta 38 Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Angled View Variant 1 Angled View Variant 2 Angled View Side View Sten Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Angled View Sideview Breda 30 Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Sideview M1919 Base Variant Angled View 500 Kills Calling Card Video of this weapon in the Campaign MG81 Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Arisaka Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Angled View Winchester 94 Lever Action Sideview Enfield No. 2 Base Variant Angled View You can also find this weapon in the Hill 493 Campaign Mission. Walther P38 Base Variant Angled View Reichsrevolver Sideview Icepick Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Combat Knife Base Variant Variant 1 Trench Knife Base Variant Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4 Gewehr 43, Breda 30, and Reichsrevolver Animations
  10. Hi, For anyone interested in knowing how to boost WW2 and gain up to 150,000xp a game please see below on the set up for boosting Capture the Flag: REQUIREMENTS: 6 x Players 2 x Controllers HOW TO: Six people search for a Capture the flag lobby with your second controller logged on at the same time as everyone else. This may take a while but ultimately just keep searching until you are all in the same lobby with your second controllers. IN GAME INSTRUCTIONS: There are four rounds of Capture the Flag so two people each round from each team will run to the enemy spawn, grab the enemy flag and spawn trap the enemy team. At the end of the round two others take turns. If you don't care about KD, you can gain well over 200,000k XP per game plus challenges and camos. Very easy to do and as long as people are good boosters and can stay around for a while you can easily do a prestige a day. DISCLAIMER: Do this at your own risk! There is no safe way of boosting XP in COD anymore. My suggestion would be to boost this method for an hour or two and stop for the day. There is a ban wave coming soon also so be careful to stay under the radar. Any questions just ask. I haven't done this method myself but I have heard from some friends that this is the best way. -Mackay
  11. Best gun in the game?

    Best for me is playing Hardcore TDM. 100xp per kill and streaks are incredibly easy to gain. Best playing with some sort of squad for spawn trapping. Use Mountain class as you will be invisible from Radars (once level two proficiency) and also use Lookout as Basic Training as it shows names of enemies from further away. Best gun in the game, in my opinion, is the Type 100 with Grip and Rapid Fire. Good damage, range, and accuracy. The Bar is also very good but has a poor drop off rate on bullets from a distance.
  12. Looking for some people to play WW2 with on Xbox One. GT is Mackay x.

  13. Who's Playing?

    I have it Pre Ordered for Xbox. GT is "Mackay x" myself and a few of the older BHL members will be playing it next weekend if anyone wants to join.
  14. Making A Change

    Having been a member of BHL for almost 8 years now and having been part of senior management for 5 of those years, it's safe to say I have seen the highs and lows of the site. Right now, BHL is at its lowest I have ever seen it and that taken into account when MW2 was modded we lost all of our traffic. BHL was founded by the way of "boosting" on Call of Duty, which at the time, was absolutely massive. There was competitiveness with other clans, race to max rank, being top of a leaderboard etc.. in the current state of gaming, most people hop on with their friends to game casually for a few hours then head off. What needs to be asked is what does BHL offer that you don't currently have? 5/6 years ago it was a place to meet like minded people to boost. Just now it's a place to come and game with other people. Due to inactivity on the site and no real push for gaming on the shoutbox, this isn't being fulfilled. Xbox now has a new feature in clubs that lets people meet others without the need of a website, right now you can turn your Xbox on, go to clubs and within 10 minutes fill a lobby of people looking to play Call of Duty, Battlefield, NBA, Fifa, Halo. That is the harsh reality of where we're at just now. I would love nothing more than to see BHL thriving again and shoutbox being flooded with green names all looking for a lobby to join to gain reviews or just to game but sadly I don't see it happening. For BHL to get back to the top of gaming commuties, marketing has to improve, there needs to be a push on social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch ect.. we can't rely on jumping into a game of COD and one or two people join the site. After about an hour their interest will be lost and they won't return. As I said before, boosting was the main attraction and BHL were by far the best at it. Everyone knew that and wanted to stay to gain their ranks or get on a leaderboard. I have to agree with Rapidz, that this isn't BHL as a community's fault but it's the demand of a gaming sites fault. I hate to sound negative about it as BHL was F****** amazing and becsuse of this site most people lost weekends and summer holidays and couldn't wait to log on and meet their friends or new people. I genuinely hope that a solution is found that helps BHL become great again. Yours Truely, BHL MCKAY
  15. Missing/Different Ranks

    I should be a Vet.