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  1. To Those Who Know

    Thanks for popping in! :)
  2. Hey Guys thought i would share this link of my video of me Skydiving about 14,000 Feet from a perfectly good airplane! Hope you guys like! :)
  3. Ideas For BHL

    There has been some Valuable points made and some that might not even/or could happen! We do have the traffic and activity coming to the forums because we see that a new game can bring us more people, etc without even advertising anything. But what we are lacking is the "want to" in order for things to be the way it was before. Social Media is a great attribute, but it needs to have commitment from others who will post, and are willing to keep it going. And of course find a way to show off our social media on the site with a "Live" way of doing it would be awesome! As for the site, they have already a few times made changes to it. It looks sleek enough to me. Not to much and not to little....I agree we should get rid of old candy and bring in new attractions! But again, what is that exactly we need to do? And for staff and rankings, well there really isn't no "Ranking System" in a terms way! Its just Admins and Mods, that is it. But instead we are using a leveling system for everyone here on the site to make it a little different and gives someone a chance to strive for a new level. Now I could see changing that up in some way if we had more Active members showing they want to be active in a gaming way! I think the admins do a damn good job and taking there time out of life to do what they need to do and keep BHL above water. And yes, some staff now/past etc may have show absence or the not want to no more...But right now i wouldn't say that any are "Not wanting" to do anything, its just that what is there to do or show when members aren't wanting to be around as well? Its like having a concert and preparing for it, but nobody buys tickets. It may look like the staff haven't done there part, but it wont show if nobody attends. Pretty much its comes down is the want to and everybody getting with others and actually being a Team again. Instead of playing with your good ole buddy, see what new/or not well known members are showing some interest in a game and add them, invite them, socialize and party up!
  4. WW2 Boosting Lobby (Xbox)

    Id be up for it this weekend on Xbox One!
  5. Ideas For BHL

    We Need everyone to start getting in the Rythm again, showing activity and when people are logging in the site and talking, to communicate back
  6. COD WW2 Update Notes 10/11/2017

    Nice update info beastly! Cant wait to try out Zombies!
  7. Who's Playing?

    This guy will be getting it :) Looks like it would be awesome. My nephew played my beta while i was out of town for the weekend and he advised me to get it. Hope it changed the direction of the Crappy futuristic ones....
  8. Gamertag Change

    Hey Guys! I just wanted to let everyone know I changed my Gamertag on Xbox Live from iBUGATTii to Rx Scripts...and then changed it on the site to match it! So just a heads up and you would know! :P
  9. Signature of the Month: December 2013 Voting!!

    lol look at these! back in the day :)
  10. My ban of Pokemon Go

    lol i just wanted to post this......i got banned last year because i was spawning in different countries every 30 mins. I got away with it for a month and when i left my computer alone, power went out, reset it self and got detected!
  11. Destiny 2! ...is a disease!


    1. Desimis Blade

      Desimis Blade

      I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Destiny 2!Walken-Cowbell.jpg

  12. This could be a sign of how soon we can grab our hands on this newest console! Microsoft's Xbox One has been a known quantity for a while now, first surfacing in leaks as a rumored update to the Xbox One before Microsoft confirmed its existence at E3 last year. Since then we've received a steady drip of info, from a breakdown of its technical specifications at Digital Foundry to the final price and name at E3 this year. What we don't know, however, is when we're actually going to be able to buy the thing. Per a Microsoft store email and a suggestion by Phil Spencer, that info is likely to come our way tomorrow at the company's Gamescom press conference at 9 PM local time in Germany. A tweet from the Verge's Tom Warren also suggests that pre-orders might be going live around the same time. I'll be curious to see what else the company brings to the press conference. Gamescom doesn't usually see the same caliber of big reveals or teases as E3, but it is the largest gaming conference in the world, and Microsoft's last chance to get up on stage and sell this new console before beginning the final push towards launch. The company recently announced a delay for Crackdown 3, which had been serving as something like the marquee launch title. Without it, 2017 marks a serious dry spell for Microsoft exclusives, though Forza Motorsport 7 will still be coming our way as a kind of tech showcase, something the series also managed quite well for the Xbox One launch. A recent leak also suggests that we'll be getting a special, day one, "Project Scorpio" edition, a reference to the long-standing code name by which the console was known until the reveal of the Xbox One X name at E3. The Project Scorpio edition appears to come with some special text on the controller, as well as a sort of a woven texture on the box itself. None of this, however, answers much about the snack food tie-ins, however, but just you wait. According to a leak from MSPoweruser, we're getting some especially hideous looking green Doritos, as the corn chip brand continues attempting to associate itself with as many video game properties as physically possible. And that's where we're at ahead of the press conference. Microsoft's new console is a strange mix of the expected and the ambitious: it's the most powerful console currently available, and a beast of a machine from all early reports. However, it's positioned squarely as a premium expansion of the Xbox One line, which will limit what developers are capable of doing with all that fancy technology. Tune in tomorrow for more. Source: Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2017/08/19/pre-orders-more-info-on-microsofts-xbox-one-x-coming-tomorrow/#75dca0f2b494
  13. Destiny 2 Launch live stream

    lol This should be exciting
  14. Missing/Different Ranks

    Got ya give em time and they will be with ya broski :)
  15. Missing/Different Ranks

    Alright ill forward this to Management and see what can get done
  16. Making A Change

    I say we just gather everyone's opinions and take it all in. New releases are coming in soon and we still have traffic popping in and out of the forums, discord and etc....Facebook and all can still get back to being active since we have followers. We just need to show activity :P
  17. Making A Change

    I believe everything that is being handled right this moment is the best. We aren't trying to much but we are doing enough. Meaning...new games come and they go. We have the site, Check! We have Discord, Check! Yes of course activity is slow, but flow of traffic is coming through and going. So that is there. People stay quiet but are still eye ball on! I say leave everything like it is now, dont try to much and just try some. When we see change we then can cope with it and make changes as well!
  18. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    lol just because your PC can play an Atari Game on High Settings doesnt mean it can piss! :P :)
  19. Feedback on Destiny 2 Beta

    As we all seen Destiny 2 Beta was just out recently and am curious to see what everyone's feedback is about the game thus far. I know with being a Beta, a lot of things may change and there are bugs etc to be fixed. Did you like the game? Was it better than the first destiny? Let everyone know what you think about it. As for myself, I have yet to play the beta and would want to buy the game if its worth the time. What is your opinion on Destiny 2! 5 Stars? Let us know....
  20. Weekends are never long enough!!!

    1. Marty


      What's a weekend :0 I work 6 on 4 off so I don't really care about such things.



      i just had a 4 day weekend but only felt like 24 hours.

  21. Getting Back Into it

    Sounds Like awesome Sauce! Im sure ill be getting it for Xbox but not sure how much ill be playing but on weekends. Ill join ya
  22. New to PC gaming in need of pc friends :(

    Sorry but had to throw in mine! :)
  23. 2 New Moderators

    Wooah! Im Yellow :) Not used to seeing this and awesome Sauce thanks guys!
  24. Far Cry 5 Details

    I think im going to be a Far Cry 5 gamer :) First time for everyone!
  25. Ahh the memories of Zombies :)