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  1. Sorry but had to throw in mine! :)
  2. Wooah! Im Yellow :) Not used to seeing this and awesome Sauce thanks guys!
  3. I think im going to be a Far Cry 5 gamer :) First time for everyone!
  4. Ahh the memories of Zombies :)
  5. About time they did this haha :)
  6. I miss you W00tie!
  7. Lets do this! BHL will always be on TOP! :P
  8. Sure. Me and you via 1 v 1
  9. nice look to it but just another Gears of Fail game.
  10. Merry Christmas! 



  11. So what do we need to do lol!?
  12. ill drink to that! :)
  13. No.....
  14. @Pit Stains im up for it sometime :)