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  1. Downloading the Destiny 2 beta rn, remembering all the fun times I had with you guys on destiny before I sold my Xbox. Much love to all you guys! Hope all is well and you're still kickin ass!

    1. Beastly


      if your pc now you should talk in our pc chat on the bhl server, quite a few of us game there regularly 

    2. iBUGATTii


      Good Ole Destiny...still havent decided if im going PC on it or not


  2. New Veterans!

    Well done guys. Congrats
  3. I'll test this and see if it works. EDIT: It worked, thank you Sox!
  4. Sox Promotion to Sr. MT

    Congrats man!
  5. Dope HQ has been Promoted to Sr. MT

    Woah!!! Congrats, Dope!!!!
  6. New Elder Scrolls Online Awards!!

    That's good to hear! Thanks, Risch.
  7. New Elder Scrolls Online Awards!!

    Can people outside of US or UK join those guilds? If not I assume that is an impossible award for me to earn...
  8. Good news! Wrist isn't broken! :D

    1. wootie


      Good to hear bud.

  9. I think I've broken my right wrist...I slept on it after a bad fall in basketball. :( Doctor said he couldn't see anything but It still hurts to move my arm. He has sent the photos off to professionals in the area though so hopefully it's good news.

  10. Dual Wield Nightblade PvE DPS Guide

    Woah! Great Post!
  11. Fifa 15 Crazy Goals

    My Thoughts #1 - Amazing Volley #2 - Crazy Strike! (My Favourite) #3 - Best Finish #4 - Smooth Skills to Beat the Keeper!
  12. New Captains

  13. New Snr EMT!!!

    Finally!!! Really happy for you man, very deserved promo right there. Been a long time coming...
  14. New Captain!!!

    Amazing! Congrats man