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  1. Clash Royale Official BHL Clan!

    @Devestator you need to send a request on Clash Royale to the clan “BHLGaming.com” then we can accept you. Depends on your trophy level though, what are you at?
  2. Call of Duty: WW2 - Female Characters?

    I have to agree with Max, I mean I understand why they feel the need to appease everyone especially with their last few "games". The biggest thing is that the game immerses the player and allows you to feel like you are actually living in that world. Granted it was a tragic period and not to be made light of. If a game is to really hit the mark the player wants to be made part of it. I hope this CoD is one to bring the franchise back.
  3. 2 New Moderators

    Welcome to team Yellow!
  4. Injustice 2 - Guild

    Guild Members Desimis Blade
  5. Injustice 2 - Guild

    BHLGaming.com has a guild on Injustice 2 Join Today! Guild ID: 5FC2A
  6. Discord Posts

    Hey TheGamingTray, This idea has some merit. I am not sure if we could make use of it/will use it, but it is a step in the right direction as far as connecting everyone. Do you have more information on this so we could look further into it? Thanks for your suggestion! BHL Gaming Moderators
  7. Titanfall 2 Network

    I was just on with you and still forgot to join. Will hop on tomorrow and fix that.
  8. [RESOLVED] Need help

    This topic has been addressed. If you would like to further discuss this issue please PM a Management Team member. Thanks, BHL Management
  9. Saturday Night Strike!

    Gather your best gear Guardian! Prepare to push back the darkness! The only way to get in on this event it to fill a fire team with a site Moderator. Every complete strike counts - 1 Point Beating a raid boss will count as - 2 Points Look for us on the chatbox! **Here are the rules you MUST follow:** Rules: The event will start at 5PM EST/10PM GMT/2PM PST. Event will continue until 10PM EST/3AM GMT/7PM PST. On Saturday the 8th of October! Please Look For In the Shoutbox *Special Thanks to the GFX Team* Code of conduct: Rules set by Moderators MUST be followed Clan Tags to be worn at all times No arguing in game. No Trash Talking other players No Swearing If a Moderator ask you to back out then please comply Any trash talking etc in game, you'll receive ONE warning. If you are unresponsive you will be asked to leave and possibly be banned from future events. Any Queries or questions then please feel free to contact the site Moderators
  10. Rise of Iron - Curious Transceiver Codes

    Alright so after finishing the story of Rise of Iron I noticed I had an item called "Curious Transceiver" Messing around with the item I found I could enter a top or bottom icon in a set order as a kind of code. Once I selected the correct icons I was given a new one to lock in the code. Doing this gave me a new transceiver with a different amount of icons to use for the code. So to make it easy on everyone I have all the codes, still not sure what it is for but after you enter these you get a "Curious Transceiver (Broadcasting)." (1 will represent top icon and 2 will represent bottom icon) Code 1 : 121122212 Code 2 : 12112211 Code 3 : 1222122211 Code 4 : 12121211 Then you should get this: (This will update once I know what it is for)
  11. ReCore reviews round-up – all the scores

    I've been very on edge about this game. It looks good and cool but I fear it won't be as good as the hype has been. I could be wrong and honestly I hope this game blows my theory so far out the door ... Looking forward to what Recore has to offer.
  12. Nuked out

    If you are still up for it I wouldn't mind helping sometime. I don't know what system you are on though. I play XB1 and my GT is - Desimis Blade, feel free to hit me up sometime.
  13. BHL's Top Pokemon!

  14. A New Moderator!!!

    Way to go bro!!!
  15. Pokemon GO Guide!

    Tips & Tricks