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  1. Goal for this year do what ever i can to help BHL be the best it has ever been

  2. I have made a BHL Gaming community on ps4 if anyone on ps4 wants to join 


  3. do we still have a clash of clan team?


    1. WeirdDude
    2. Maximus


       Ignore him, he's weird.  Search clans for BHL Gaming.com

  4. can't wait to start doing youtube videos for BHL going to have some much fun.

  5. glad to be back on the site trying to bring more members in 


  6. Ps4 users Drop psn below

  7. What's your PSN? Post it here!

    my psn is Xx13LG_Blade

    so glad to see that the gamebattles team is coming back
  9. Evil Controllers Event: Ghosts: Sovereign Showdown

    -Gamer Tag: BHL Joker -Time slot desired : 1PM EST -I have read all rules and regulations placed by the Events Management Team and Will abide by them at all times during the contest: [YES]
  10. XBox One BF4 clan talk.

    Good idea