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  1. Almost 3 years...We still miss you man 

  2. Two years and a few months and it's still tough on me to say goodbye. I miss you man RIP

  3. Meant to make it on in Feb to leave you a message but was so overrun with work, hope you dont mind man. Just over a year now since we last got to speak, we're all missing you man and always will

  4. Wootie, even a year later you are missed and will always be.

    1. iBUGATTii


      We miss you W00tie!

  5. Rip bud you'll be missed

  6. Rest in Peace wootie. You'll be missed <3

  7. Rest in Peace man. You will always be missed and big part of BHL! Prayers your way

  8. Nice! I'll be picking this up.
  9. a better way to game & chat

    I like the app a lot. Great idea!
  10. Multiple New Awards Added!

    Good looking awards there.
  11. [December 2015] Signature of the Month VOTING!

    Voted. Good luck everyone!!
  12. Lost Companion

    Build a bell and ring it at each settlement until you find him/her. It will bring all settlers to the bell. Worked for me anyway.