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  1. Add me on PS4 we can play whatever Zero_or_The_Hero

  2. PS4 Game Nights?

    Is anyone up to do game nights on the PS4 in the near future like Monopoly, UNO (if they have it) or even CoD or anything like that?
  3. PS3 Gamers!

    Yeah I used to be a PS3 Captain before the rank changes and I'd love to see more people playing on PS3 from here again miss the old days!
  4. PS3 Gamers!

    Anyone still playing PS3 drop your PSN ID's down below I play on my clan account alot! Clan Account - DarkClan-Zero Main Account - Zero_or_The_Hero
  5. Hey guys anyone still playing PS3?

    1. The_Sombrero


      Believe I was the only Active PS3 Gamer Zero but moved on to Xbox 1

  6. So anyone still playing BO2 on PS3?

  7. Whats the best and good priced sound and video card I can get for my PC?

    1. HQ Dope

      HQ Dope

      The price will depend on what you want to do.. Will you be gaming?

    2. BHL Twist

      BHL Twist

      Best price to performance GPU would be gtx 960 which is good for 1080p gaming. Sound card you don't need unless you had good audio equipment to go with it. No need for one...

    3. ZoTH


      Thanks and yes Dope for gaming.

  8. Who's playing on PC any games I should look for?

    1. BHLx Fraser

      BHLx Fraser

      Check out my profile, I'd recommend all the games I've got :)

  9. Anyone playing PS3?

  10. Hello PS3 users I'm wanting to start a PS3 BHL Gamebattles I'm wanting new and veteran BHL members involved in helping our community family grow! If you have any more questions message me on here or Skype!
  11. Hey Happy Holidays brothers and sisters of BHL sorry I've been inactive I've been gone on vacations!

  12. Hey guys its been awhile I'm bad from a long family trip to Europe

  13. Whos playing PS3 tonight?

    1. BHL ZoDiaC

      BHL ZoDiaC

      Àdd me on PsN - zZz-ZoDiaC-zZz