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  1. Clans 1 & 2 for BHL Members only

    Jut saying, but not everyone in clan 1 is on the roster. I think it would be a good idea to check everyone's bhl name and add them to the roster.
  2. Hilter Plays Clash of Clans

    hahaha nice find +1
  3. Xbox One Restrictions Removed

    i will not get it at launch unless some of the games released in November are released on Xbox One.
  4. Xbox One Restrictions Removed

    about time they did this
  5. With the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 released at this years E3 convention in Los Angeles. I am here to show you what console you should be purchasing. If you are sticking to your price guns on this one, then the PS4 wins hands down. At a hundred dollars cheaper, that might make it a far easier decision for people to make, something Microsoft has to be afraid of. It’s interesting because a high price tag of $499 is probably something only hard core gamers will be willing to pay for at the console launch, however between the two systems it’s the PS4 that is probably more appealing to the gamer crowd. In many cases companies take a hit on the hardware in order to make sure their software reaches as many places as possible (or if you’re Sony, you charge $599 for your Ps3 at launch and realize you’ve made a huge stupid mistake.) Console exclusive games: (Thanks to Games Radar for this list) Xbox One: Forza 5 Halo 2014 Killer Instinct Quantum Break Sunset Overdrive Minecraft – Available on PC but is console exclusive TitanFall - Available on PC but is console exclusive Project Spark - Available on PC but is console exclusive Dead Rising 3 Halo games Gears of War games Ryse: Son of Rome Playstation 4 Killzone Shadowfall Drive Club Knack InFamous: Second Son The Order 1886 Don’t Starve - Available on PC but is console exclusive Outlast - Available on PC but is console exclusive Final Fantasy XIV - Available on PC but is console exclusive Xbox currently has more name brand exclusives, but unless you’re a HUGE fan of Gears of War and Halo (which admittedly some people are) there isn’t a huge reason to pick an Xbox over Ps4 purely on game exclusivity. Design: E3 brought us our first view of the PS4 design, while Microsoft showed off the Xbox last month. There’s not much to say here. The two consoles look very similar with their dark, angular designs. The Xbox One does appear noticeably larger than the PS4, possibly almost twice the size. Xbox One has restriction on used game sales and lending your games to friends The Xbox One must be connected to the internet once every 24 hours if you wish to continue playing games on it. Restrictions on used games: At its best: - Microsoft is creating an environment similar to the one Steam has created for PC users. - You can download your games on any console (assuming you are logged in under your account) and play them. - You can have up to 10 people in your family access your software library from any console, though you can’t play at the same time At its worst: - It is all a system set up to enforce Digital Rights Management (DRM) - Allows them a stranglehold on setting the price on the used games. - Limits you to lending your game to a buddy to one person, and once that person has it, they can never trade it again. And, they have to have been on your friends list for the past 30 days. Specs: Online Services: If you own an Xbox 360 like me, or a PS3, and are part of either of their online services, you will not have to worry about the transition to the next-fen consoles, and they will remain intact and valid on the new systems as well. If you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber this may be old news, but Microsoft has announced that starting this month with Fable 3, there are going to be a few games released on a monthly basis for free to play for Xbox Live Gold members. This is not just for the current generation, where you will see old, dated games become free, but also will be the case on the Xbox One as well. Sony is coming up to par with Microsoft in having gamers pay for the ability to game online. I think this is a smart move from Sony, this will hopefully bring the PSN up to the same level as Xbox Live. Microsoft E3 Conference: Sony E3 Conference: Please +1 if you found this helpful Sources: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/4970342/Xbox-One-vs-the-PS4-who-won-E3s-gaming-war.html http://thenextweb.co...-playstation-4/ Picture: http://technabob.com...e-vs-p-4-specs/
  6. New PS3 Captain!!

    Good job mate
  7. Bo2 classes

    Class 1 –