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    Good to go in 2016. BHL Gaming, 3 Years Strong!
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  1. We will always remember you Woot!
  2. Meant to make it on in Feb to leave you a message but was so overrun with work, hope you dont mind man. Just over a year now since we last got to speak, we're all missing you man and always will

  3. Bit late to the topic, have had major issues both personal and work related lately. Congratulations guys!
  4. Don't come by much to BHL anymore due to huge work commitments but everytime I do I stop by this post to pay a respect to wootie, A great guy, great mate and someone that wont be forgotton. Always had such a good laugh with Wootie and considered him a good friend!
  5. Great member of BHL and sad to know that we will not see him on the shoutbox anymore, had some great laughs with you man. Rest Easy my Brother!

  6. Absolutely great guy, was a pleasure talking to you and having a laugh with you. You will not be forgotten by myself or any of the guys and gals on BHL. RIP mate

  8. To date, millions of Xbox gamers around the world have logged more than 21 million hours playing Xbox One Backward Compatibility games – and today we’re adding a few more to the list. In addition to adding a few new titles to the backward compatibility list, we’re also going to start releasing titles as they become available rather than a set monthly launch date. What this means for you is that you won’t have to wait to find out the latest titles; we’ll release whatever is available, when they’re available, once each title has received the engineering and publisher stamp of approval. For more details, check out Here’s What’s in Store for Xbox One Backward Compatibility over at Xbox Wire. You can always find the current list of backward compatibly titles and other useful information on my Xbox One Backward Compatibility FAQ. New Xbox One Backward Compatibility Titles And finally, Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners in select regions can download The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings for free on Xbox.com anytime between now and February 5. Keep checking back here or follow me on Twitter for all of the latest news on Xbox One Backward Compatibility. Source
  9. you look like robbo

  10. Rainbow 6 Siege: Unlock Every Operator Reach Level 50 Reach Level 100
  11. Somethings missing, where is Marty
  12. Congrats guys, make us all Damn Proud
  13. Rest In Peace Arnold Peralta, Such a good footballer gunned down in his home country at such a young age :(

    1. SicklyPrune9876
    2. The_Sombrero


      It is man, he played for my local team until January and he had good potential

    3. SicklyPrune9876


      My friend plays for Rangers. Gedion Zelalem.

  14. Rest In Peace Arnold Peralta, Such a good footballer gunned down in his home country at such a young age :(