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  1. Started playing Battlefront and hardline! Add me and send me a msg if you want to play sometime!

    1. Calf


      This guy! You on xbox or pc?

  2. Making A Change

    I have to agree mostly with Rapid. I do not think that most people who play any kind of multiplayer game care about gaming communities forums and what not. Nor would they care about reviews or post counts and what not. I think that most people just want some good and cool people to play with and enjoy the time with, wether or not it is a gaming community or not. I don't think that a change to the current system should even be on the mind considering the main topic is activity within the community. Not saying that this system or the previous was good or bad but I don't see that as a priority at this point. I know I myself have just outgrown gaming TBH. I play every now and again but probably for no more than an hour at a time. That being said, I just recently got EA Access and have been playing star wars battlefront. Haven't gotten to installing Hardline yet but Defo need to, would love to play with anyone who has those when I'm online. With everything that has happened, I think that a sense of community within the games is most important. Not the website. The site is secondary IMO. Not saying its not important, but people don't want to come on here just to chat all the time. People want to play. I hope all goes well for the future with the community and everyone apart of it, and I wish you all the best and I wish I could be a part of it.
  3. Crazy to see all the changes from years ago to now! miss the old days and wish I had time to play. hope everyone is well!

    1. iBUGATTii


      Then fine time then play!

    2. Mackay x

      Mackay x

      There's a name I haven't seen in a while! Good to see you around

    3. Maxed It Out

      Maxed It Out

      :o the oldddddddddddddddddd days u mean


    I hate the prince! But I wish I had it! WHY!?!?
  5. New Honorary Veterans!

    gratz guys! Welcome to the club, you earned it!
  6. Sneak Peaks September 2015 | Clash of Clans Update

    Th11 always been a big guess. But it would be awesome to something new in clan involvement. First was clan wars, how about something adding to them or even something completely different all together for clans!? But my guess is th11....
  7. Sneak Peaks September 2015 | Clash of Clans Update

    Maybe they will be back with TH11????? I liked them aswell. But didn't go with the color scheme of everything else. A lot of the max Def are red so blue was kind of weird.
  8. 2 New Captains!!!

    Congratz Good to have you back daza
  9. [August 2015] Member of the Month Winners!!!

    Good job guys. Great to see you back around daza!
  10. Clash of Clans 3 Year Birthday

    finally another 1 gem boost. been waiting since Christmas!
  11. Upgrade or not

    Walls cost to much. I'm just about maxed th9 besides walls and traps. I'm gonna do walls to lvl8 then upgrade th. So at least walls aren't so bad.
  12. Barbarian and Dragon Event!

    Sweet! Too bad my drags are only lvl2.... lol.