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  1. Clash Royale 3 years

    Congrats mate
  2. Almost 3 years...We still miss you man 

  3. To Those Who Know

    Glad you checked in. Thank you for your service. Everything you do is appreciated.
  4. Two years and a few months and it's still tough on me to say goodbye. I miss you man RIP

  5. Finished with Basic Training. Time for fun stuff lol

  6. Shipping to basic training in less than 9 days. Can't wait

    1. TheGamingTray


      That's awesome! I just finished BCT out of Ft Jackson. I can write an experience deal if you'd be interested. What base are you going to and for what MOS?

    2. WeirdDude


      Sure thing; although I'm going Navy. My rate is IT (Information Systems Technician). I'll be at basic for 8 weeks and A-School in Florida for 6 month. I won't know where I'm going until during A-School.

    3. TheGamingTray


      After I wrote my reply I noticed that you said Navy.

  7. Ideas For BHL

    This was shortly lived...
  8. Ideas For BHL

    Nuke is always the one with great idea. I am all ready for this revive
  9. My ban of Pokemon Go

    You should appeal it
  10. Missing/Different Ranks

    Missing Patron
  11. Wootie, even a year later you are missed and will always be.

    1. iBUGATTii


      We miss you W00tie!

  12. A Post For Wootie RIP

    Still hurts, even a year later
  13. Actually missing the way BHL used to be

  14. Christmas Video Time!

    I'd be willing to do it. Especially is @Maximus is being starred.