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  1. Two years and a few months and it's still tough on me to say goodbye. I miss you man RIP

  2. Finished with Basic Training. Time for fun stuff lol

  3. Shipping to basic training in less than 9 days. Can't wait

    1. TheGamingTray


      That's awesome! I just finished BCT out of Ft Jackson. I can write an experience deal if you'd be interested. What base are you going to and for what MOS?

    2. WeirdDude


      Sure thing; although I'm going Navy. My rate is IT (Information Systems Technician). I'll be at basic for 8 weeks and A-School in Florida for 6 month. I won't know where I'm going until during A-School.

    3. TheGamingTray


      After I wrote my reply I noticed that you said Navy.

  4. Ideas For BHL

    This was shortly lived...
  5. Ideas For BHL

    Nuke is always the one with great idea. I am all ready for this revive
  6. My ban of Pokemon Go

    You should appeal it
  7. Missing/Different Ranks

    Missing Patron
  8. Wootie, even a year later you are missed and will always be.

    1. iBUGATTii


      We miss you W00tie!

  9. A Post For Wootie RIP

    Still hurts, even a year later
  10. Actually missing the way BHL used to be

  11. Christmas Video Time!

    I'd be willing to do it. Especially is @Maximus is being starred.
  12. Awards

    I'm guessing this was fixed?
  13. Three New Veterans!!

    Y'all deserve it greatly! Congrats and keep up the great work!
  14. Hey, I'm always on Clash Royale; so just catch me on here or there and I'll be ready to battle!