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  1. 2 New Moderators

    congrats! BHL damn proud!
  2. Does anyone wanna play Fantasy Football this year? message me for details or invite to the league. 

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      Honestly never played it but am willing to learn so I can join in on the fun. Don't know what I need.

    3. Desimis Blade

      Desimis Blade

      I will! Make me a good team so I can win?

    4. GiXXer11


      pretty sure I'm signed up


  3. A New Moderator!!!

    Last man standing. Very well earned congrats Josh.
  4. Three New Veterans!!

    Congrats fella's well earned. Keep up the great work.
  5. Team of the Week - Week 32!

    I don't know what any of this means lol but good job writing it all up.
  6. A Post For Wootie RIP

    Wootie Woot! Miss ya homie.
  7. Man I have a boat load of games I could sell back if only I would play and finish them lol.
  8. I guess maybe I should start playing this franchise as I've never played a gears before.
  9. Update 2.2.0 Is Coming!

    I must have that Taken shader. Looks so awesome with the airplane helmet lol.
  10. A New Event Manager!

    Congrats Martyn and welcome to the Maroon Team glad to have you on board BHL Damn Proud
  11. 2 New Moderators

    Welcome to the yellow team glad to have you both on board. BHL Damn Proud
  12. A NEW Member on The Event Management Team!

    Congrats Maplez and welcome to the Maroon team BHL Damn Proud!
  13. Two New MT's

    Yay! Congrats Pyle and Jones. As everyone else has already stated you two are very deserving of the bump up to MT. Keep doing what you do and making BHL damn proud.
  14. A Post For Wootie RIP

    It was quite hard finding the words to describe such a awesome guy. I spent so much time gaming with him on Destiny. From waking up at 5am for reset, running raids with him trying to get him that damn Black Hammer and everything else. We always had a great time and all of our lobbies were filled with jokes and laughter. He worked very hard and truly loved being able to come home and game with us all. I know he also had great memories of all of us too and that's what we should all remember, not how sad this is but how special a guy he was and all the good times. He will truly be missed by so many. I just wanted to share a bit of my time with this amazing guy we were all blessed know him. My deepest condolences and prayers go out to his entire family.
  15. A Post For Wootie RIP

    Hon. Admin is a rank reserved for retiring senior staff members to show our appreciation for their outstanding contribution to the BHL community. Admin & MT feel it would be a fitting tribute to Mark who was liked by all and destined to move up the BHL ladder. For as long as BHL exists you will be remembered and missed by all. Thank you wootie Max+ Recruiter Promo - http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668865306-bhls-first-recruiter-promotion/ Captain Promo - http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668865713-3-new-captains/ Ice Bucket - http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668866120-als-ice-bucket-challenge-bhl-style/?p=539369 April 2015 MOTM - http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668870101-bhl-monthly-may-2015-edition/ Captain Promo - http://bhlgaming.com/forums/topic/1668870146-new-captain/ Obituary - http://herald-review.com/lifestyles/announcements/obituaries/wooten-mark-edward/article_936767db-394d-52d2-83de-7d43450eb878.html