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  1. Three New Veterans!!

    Welcome and congrats
  2. New Awards!

    Wow we're up to 7 years already
  3. Two New MT's

    Well earned guy's!!!
  4. A Post For Wootie RIP

    We met when you first became a member of BHL and you and I became homies soon after to find out that you lived only two hours away from me was pretty awesome knowing that I had a member live so close to me and you even worked in my town every few days a week. I know we we're supposed to meet up for wings and beer but life got busy for the both of us so cheers to you Mr Woot as was my nickname for you lol I was shocked to see your sister tag you on Facebook that you passed away but I'm glad I was able to find out and tell your gaming family the sad news so everyone got the chance to say something about you. It's amazing how much love BHL is giving to you. Rest in peace homie! Thank you BHL for all of the respect shown towards Mr Woot and his family. He would be so happy knowing how many people paid thier respects.
  5. Rest in peace wootie! You'll be missed homie

    1. Beastly


      Rest in peace wootie! always sad when we loose a fellow gamer, gone but never forgotten bro

    2. Astronaut OG
    3. ThatGamerHines


      Wait, I'm confused. I didn't quite know the guy well, so my apologies for asking, but…what happened? I completely understand if anyone would rather not talk about it, just curious (of course).

  6. Rest in peace wootie! You'll be missed homie

  7. New Suggestion

    They joined for the bot. New updates etc for the bot new people join. At the high of people joining was because of staff going out of their way. I went to a lot of events last month and don't recall seeing new members. Think of something bot related and im sure they will stick around.
  8. Signature of the Week #236: YOUR Game of the Year!

    Love the idea!!
  9. Multiple New Awards Added!

    Nice job guys!!
  10. First season was awesome! Can't wait for the second
  11. Seems like they are trying to get some sales up lol
  12. Sylvester Stallone Is Done Playing Rambo

    I heard he was going to be in the tv show but guess not.
  13. Nuked Out Title

    Back in bo2 days we we're lucky to have a member who could get a lobby for us but I forget who he was. I think it takes a bad connection to do. Like super bad lol but I'm not sure how bo3 works with getting a lobby.
  14. GTA V Boosting!

    Not sure if any type of boosting is still around