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  1. Pokemon Mega

    does anyone play this free pokemon game on pc and mobile? https://pc.pm.instantfuns.com/?
  2. Missing/Different Ranks

    set as specialist donator instead of Patron. Cant see any ranks missing atm tho.
  3. All Work And No Play Make Wolfie something...something... :gixmonkey

    1. Wolf
    2. Shox


      Crazy? Don't mind if I do!

  4. Titanfall 2 Network

    Anyone still play? i need to shake the rust off again for the upcoming Co-op DLC (Frontier Defense)
  5. :wolf:Baby Girl is in position, :monkeydance:Gonna be on High Alert!

    1. GiXXer11


      Congrats and good luck! 

  6. Baby #2 is gonna be a Girl! Woohoo :yahoo:

  7. What's new....?

    Pretty much in the same boat as you these days Pit, except im playing Titanfall 2 (though i do have and been trying to play some Battlefield 1 too). Titanfall 2 has been alot a fun though and hoping some up of you guys can pick it up specifically with it being on sale right now too, almost feels like COD4 days when a group of us jump on at night and just pub stomp for a few hours. They are even giving us FREE DLC MAPS and updates to the game is done though community feedback on their forums. Infinite Warfare just looks like such a terrible game so ive been waiting for MWR to get released as a stand alone game before i get that unfortunately.
  8. Three red arrows indicate enemy ships clustered around our forward base in beta sector, attempting to wrest control of the station from the two friendly defenders still in position. My ship—a Colossus-class cruiser, 1.7km of armour and firepower—is scorching down a hyperspace tunnel, fresh from a respawn. I pick a jump destination in beta and adjust my bearing to match the little red arrow closest to my exit point. The jump drive spools up. The Colossus snaps out of hyperspace in a flash of white light. Having already lined up the broadside, I’m firing before that little red arrow—now a 1.4km-long Sentinel-class warship—can react. My starboard guns flak guns open up with a sound like the drums from the Battlestar Galactica intro. The Sentinel cracks apart under the pressure before exploding in a shockwave of orange flame. I’ve either just saved the day or warped across space and time to steal somebody’s kill, depending on who you ask. Full Article - http://www.pcgamer.com/fractured-space-review/?utm_content=buffere4aae&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb
  9. Bungie’s successful online first person shooter game Destiny was released only for the consoles in 2014, which left the PC fans disappointed. However, it’s now time for the game’s sequel and it looks like the PC fans will get something to cheer about this time. Developer Bungie and publisher Activision haven’t revealed much information about Destiny 2 yet but it has been confirmed that the game will come out in 2017. Since the news of Destiny 2 being under development came out, there has been a lot of rumors about it and the latest being about its PC release. Full Article - http://fraghero.com/report-destiny-2-will-be-releasing-on-pc/
  10. See that up there? That's Outbreak Prime. Destiny: Rise of Iron's Exotic reward for undertaking the most absurdly complex ARG puzzle known to Guardian-kind. Solved on Reddit overnight thanks to multiple threads and the map below (yes, it's a map), it was all streamed on Twitch by Datto. It all takes place in the Wrath of the Machine raid and this hasn't just been a case of getting Guardians to stand on different points at the same time, there's been maths involved in the process. Maths, I tell you. Full Article - http://www.gamesradar.com/destinys-mind-bending-raid-puzzle-has-already-been-solved-and-has-an-exotic-reward/?utm_content=buffer6ecaf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer-oxmfb
  11. Destiny 2 will be "a completely different game" from the original Destiny, if multiple anonymous sources are right. The proper follow-up to the online shooter has gone through several iterations, but it sounds like Bungie has finally settled on an approach for the 2017 title that will be very difficult to mistake for another big update. Full Article - http://www.gamesradar.com/destiny-2-rumors-say-it-will-be-a-completely-different-game-and-come-out-on-pc/?utm_content=bufferb914d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer-oxmfb
  12. Free PS3/Vita DLC!

    Trails of Cold Steel II (PS3/Vita) DLC is Free via PSN. http://ow.ly/KqQD304EC6W FB Post -
  13. UK regulator to examine whether the game's promotional materials accurately represent the game. And so the No Man’s Sky saga continues. Beyond the hype, the promises, and the prolonged silence from developer Hello Games and head honcho Sean Murray, it appears the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)—an independent regulator whose role is to “regulate the content of advertisements, sales promotions and direct marketing in the UK [by investigating] complaints made about ads, sales promotions or direct marketing”—is now investigating the game’s seemingly misleading promotional material. Full Article - http://www.pcgamer.com/no-mans-sky-is-being-investigated-by-the-advertising-standards-authority/?utm_content=bufferbb153&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb
  14. Call of Duty World at War was added to the list of backwards compatibility Program making it yet another COD 360 title to make it to the Xbox one Full List of BCP Games - https://majornelson.com/blog/xbox-one-backward-compatibility/ FB Post -
  15. Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 03 October 2016. *NOTE* - *Games listed in article are for Xbox One ONLY ( For the moment) Xbox 360 Titles to be announced once reflected in the Online store. Full Article - https://majornelson.com/2016/09/27/this-weeks-deals-with-gold-and-spotlight-sale-59/?linkId=29251524