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  1. Why can't i send messages on the shout box now

    1. PYLE


      I cant find anything wrong. Let me know if it is still an issue.

    2. BHL Rab

      BHL Rab

      ssshhh its cos he's a noob :Bat: Hows tricks Assassin

  2. Hey guys Check this video out I'm not the founder but thought this might help some people out who like glitching please can you leave a like https://youtu.be/ZC6DgqchrOQ
  3. Hardline montage

    Hey guys Please check my video out and let me know what you think of it just wondering if I should start making them again https://youtu.be/cALENhT4bOM
  4. Hey guys This is the trailer of the new zombies dlc let me know what you think of it and leave a like please thank you https://youtu.be/ivKXvjwC-Zk
  5. bo3 boosting lobby

    Wanna get a lobby together message OBIWONGBONG for invites
  6. Check this video out if like doing Easter eggs https://youtu.be/1d1DDPkMgEUthis video is from the TritanArmy
  7. HC CTF boosting bo3

    Wanna get a lobby together for bo3 boosting message OBIWONGBONG if you want to boost
  8. Check my video out let me know what you think about it thankyou https://youtu.be/qvldYSOmA5w the music is by my friend No Publicity
  9. Arsenal beat city 2-1 haha hate Man Cityu

  10. Arsenal beat city 2-1 haha hate Man City

  11. Bo3 boosting lobby

    yeah be at23.00pm
  12. destiny nightfall

    Wanna be hosting a lobby for nightfall tonight at 22.00pm GMT/17.00pm EST message me on xb1 gt OBIWONGBONG for invites to party
  13. hahaha LIVERPOOL got beat 3-0 by WATFORD that's made my day

  14. Bo3 boosting lobby

    I will be hosting a bo3 boosting lobby at 23.00pm GMT every night message me if you want to boost gt BHL xASSASSIN on xb1