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  1. Missing/Different Ranks

    If I could be made Benefactor as my main, that'd be great. 👍🏻
  2. New Honorary Veteran!

    Very nice! Congratulations, Dope and Pyle
  3. Call of Duty: Ghosts Achievement Guide

    Lmfao. Still an achievement hunter, i see. Nice guide. +1
  4. New Captains!!

    Congratulations, guys. Well deserved.
  5. July 2013 Newsletter

    Thanks for all the praise, guys. we worked hard to bring you the latest in news that interests you.
  6. Evil Controller Event: Black Ops 2: Going Ballistic

    I need my name removed from the 6PM EST Time Slot. I will not be able to attend this EC Event, as I am going out of town. Good luck, all participants!
  7. New Captains !!

    Congratulations all of you. Well done! This is overdue!
  8. Member of the Month recognition!

    Pretty cool. Thanks red guys!
  9. Evil Controller Event: Black Ops 2: Going Ballistic

    Lets Assume 6pm eastern / 11pm gmt / 3pm pst / 10am AU I accept the terms and conditions.
  10. Good luck to all in the semi-finals!
  11. old games

    I have Red Dead Redemption.
  12. BattleField 4 Mega-Thread.

    Nice post! +1. Thanks for keeping us posted on what's new. Glad to see some of these guns on this list.
  13. VOTE for BHL !

    Voting everyday!
  14. 3 New EMT!

    Congratulations guys! Do us proud!
  15. Mug Shots

  16. Congratulations Bazzah. Have fun with your controller!
  17. Hilter Plays Clash of Clans

    That's kinda funny.
  18. New Captains !!!

    Congratulations, guys! You earned it!
  19. Xbox One: Used Games, Always-Online Explained

    Damn, Microsoft. All these bad things trying to persuade me not to buy the Xbox One. I'm probably still gonna get it. They do know how to make money.
  20. May 2013 Newsletter

    As always, great job and glad to be a part of the team.
  21. New Member of the Event Management Team

    Congrats Dope!
  22. New Advisor!

    Great job, Sox, well deserved!
  23. Microsoft killing MS Points.

    you're telling me! 90% of my Xbox games are downloaded from Games on Demand! If I can't transfer those, that's $300+ in games that I can't play.