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  1. Getting RDR2 on xb1 hit me up with a comment with your GT, FYI my GT is SubstantialCalf, previously Massachewtits

    1. Fwaego


      I like that old Gt you from Mass?

    2. Nuke


      Im downloading it today. GT "Sarver". 

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    tHaNkS gUyS! gLaD tO bE pArT oF tHe tEaM! Congrats! MemphisR & iBUGATTii
  3. Playing through Dying Light on PC, Message me on discord to join! 

  4. Anyone want to join me in some BF1 

  5. RPGCommunity is a up and coming server that Is now Accepting People to join our Construction and Government Roles! We are Currently Accepting looking for: 10 Building Apprentices 10 Interns You will be Promoted when fit for one; Construction Team Leader TinsleToes (Vice President) = http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057016363/ Government Team Leader Calf (President) = http://steamcommunity.com/id/ifrankv2/ To join our server You Must visit our new Discord Channel, Then Submit Introduction! https://discord.gg/4peShYY If you don't understand what Discord is let us help you, message us on steam! We are not opening this server up to just anyone that wants to play on this server yet, We need to build a Government and Infrastructure First! We really want to open this server up to everyone asap! Our Construction Team is currently constructing the following things: Small Villages Housing Shops / Marketplace Greenhouses Kibble and Meat farms Fishing docks Town Halls Libraries Sheriffs Offices / Jails Prisons Military Structures Much much more! Early Birds get the best Roles! Roles:
  6. Hello my name is frank i have been hosting a dedicated server for months now and there have certainly been there ups and downs but i have many dedicated members who want more large tribes to join (looking for competition). It has been hard for me to find high caliber PVP players in the past. 24/7 NO BOOSTING ON THIS SERVER NO MASS PRODUCING RAFTS (will result in a player reset or structure demolish) Understand that servers crash but please if its offline understand i will have it up asap! Rules and gamemode subject to change, primitive+... Settings: 25x gather 10x Harvest Health So Feels Like 2.5x Gather* .25xp This server is a grind. 75x weight 20x breeding .01 baby food consumption 8x taming 2x dino food consumption Other boosted character and dino stats Fast crop growth 5x difficulty 2x day/ night cycle Current map: Center Here is what you need to know: This is a North American Server Understand that PvP is Player vs Player. In PvP it is not advised to build a huge base without defenses as it will be found by someone and savagely wiped. Understand that before joining my server and complaining. If you tame a army of dinos and they all get killed by another tribe. no whining it happens. Talking smack to other tribes on this server is ok, but not advised because some people have nothing better to do then to hunt you down, So be careful. As their are no admins on the server unless wilddinos need to be wiped. do not ask for anything. Nothing gets handed to anyone. All complaints get sent to bigcalf81463975. If you have Complaints you message Me. You do not post complaints on the global chat that is a Instant suspension Spamming and otherwise childish behavior is suspension If i find rafts placed all over my map i will not hesitate to destroy all rafts or All of your tribe structures. No raft boosting If you build a base under the map in a out of barrier locations i will wipe your base, No Exploiting. No one likes an insider i can assure you if someone finds out you are an insider you will be jailed. No storage box raiding that is a ban. No Offline Raidin. If you are one of the best on my server you show sportsmanship and if you get bested you say good game and move on. If you are a modder hacker DDoSer w/e Stay away from my server. Your not welcome. The Gamertag associated with the server is called "PvPArkServer", If you would like to join please do the following: Add pvparkserver Wait patiently for me to add you back (i do this once every 24 hours) When i add you back look at my profile... You can join my game... join it Your in the server! Enjoy If you have questions post them here or add and message bigcalf81463975
  7. Any Ark Players out there wanna join a dedicated server message me

  8. they stated in a resent post that that was an issue they are aware of it is a tv to tv basis they are working on a fix i can look into it for you though further
  9. Awesome id love to have you on the server!
  10. Hello! Are you looking for a new home on Ark? May 16th i will be updating my server to "The Center" We hav a ton of active players on ther server if you would like to join... PvP 24/7 No building on the volcano, at any cave entrance, or any major reasorce spawn (except underwater caves) No Whining No one under the age of 13 Have Fun! Settings 5x gather, taming, and xp fast breeding BOOSTED stats for tames and character Join now and establish yourselves before others get the upper hand! Server Reset Scheduled ASAP "whenever the update drops" To get in the server ASAP add PvPArkServer then await an add back (up to 24 hours) then you can join the server through PvpArkServer. Also message bigcalf81463975 for more info and a faster invite! reply here if you have any questions. I do not read messages sent to PvpArkServer please just add the account or you wont get an add back!
  11. Black Ops 3 Week

    I really hope I'm back from work in time for the Mike myers monday
  12. BHL US Guild for ESO

    imassachewtitz. just got the game what allience should i join
  13. New Advisor!!!