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  1. New PC Gamer

    Well i've done it at last, gone and got myself a PC :D. So far ive gotten fortnite, PUBG and GTA V. My steam id is Curtis45 feel free to add folks
  2. Kings fall hard raid on PS4

    Alright guys looking for a few people who are around 305+ light to do the hard raid on the ps4. If your up for it please send me a message and friend request on psn, mine is CJ393
  3. Destiny ps4

  4. Destiny ps4

    Right who has destiny for The ps4? If you do add me cj393 and leave your psn below so other members can you u 2
  5. Whats your PSN id? post it!

    Psn: cj393 Games at moment are GTA V and cod advanced warfare. Shall be getting new battlefield, dark souls 2 and bloodborn when they come out
  6. GTA V PS4 players

    So with the new heists update just out I would love some BHL members to play with on the PS4. My PSN is cj393 feel free to add me and also leave your own psn below so other members can add you . Don't forget to join the GTA V BHL Crew so you can find other members easily. Let's make some $!
  7. Psn discount codes

    Get your 10% PSN discount code here Claim your PlayStation Store discount from 9.00am GMT today As detailed earlier this week, all PSN members can claim a 10% discount on PlayStation Store content this weekend, from 9.00am this morning until 9.00am on 26th January. Please see below for the unique discount code for your territory. To recap, some exceptions do apply, including subscriptions for PS Plus, Music Unlimited, rental video content, pre-orders and transactions made on PlayStation Store via the PS Vita, PlayStation TV or PSP content (if you want to purchase PS Vita or PSP content, you can do so via the webstore). The 10% promo will stack on top of existing sale discounts, as announced this Wednesday. Australia: K5B9PMJQMF Austria: A9PMAFADEM Bahrain: QC86D5C7CD Belgium: KPBH6DAH9D Bulgaria: J49QT96DLD Croatia: EMKDP7T657 Cyprus: LBL4F2T854 Czech Republic: HLTCL52QCQ Denmark: Q4E7J3GEP3 Finland: 2BTQAHF2AL France: KCQDNMGR94 Germany: B6P3N5ATNK Greece: 7AAQQC83F9 Hungary: 8JBQQTPCFB Iceland: KEM4JD98DA India: R99P6BR9FG Ireland: C4EFQJ4KFB Israel: QG6DQJKN69 Italy: 3NBPML225L Kuwait: 7LTL3R55DH Lebanon: DG32HDLLE8 Luxembourg: FQLKDNN5BR Malta: TBT5NHCG9Q Netherlands: DDHBNBF9EK New Zealand: 7LMGFC3B33 Norway: JC9EEEHGLR Oman: 7D995HE92Q Poland: 9C38255C6L Portugal: PBTRQ7FGBF Qatar: 2P863Q427A Romania: A3G86KQ7T3 Russia: T34NK72FQ6 Saudi Arabia: 93NBHTTJDG Slovakia: F8LRPK323P Slovenia: HPDEG94QQF South Africa: BD43JPHDJJ Spain: GKE22RKKCN Sweden: 3E4MBKJTG6 Switzerland: 9FTRKF52QL Turkey: QCDTCD526N UAE: RB32RL5EBN Ukraine: 233NJCNQ59 United Kingdom: T6R3KB529K Link: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2015/01/23/get-10-psn-discount-code/?adbid=1085933588099302&adbpl=fb&adbpr=115605765132094&emcid=social_20150123_39264247
  8. Hi guys anybody who has a ps4 and would like to game/boost advanced warfare. Please free to add me, my psn is cj393. Also if you would like to drop your own psn below so that other ps4 members my add you .
  9. Got myself a ps4 today! :D so anybody who has one and wants to laugh at me "trying" to play advanced warfare add me. Psn is cj393

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    2. That Kid Hicks

      That Kid Hicks

      so whats the general agreement xbox or ps4? there both pretty equal to me but idk what one to buy in a few weeks

    3. Beastly


      the majority of BHL have an xbox, but its all about personal preference

    4. Kenny


      Just got gta v so that's another game if any guys have I can play with us on :)

  10. If anybody has the new boderlands for 360 and can help me get to lvl50,send me pm on here or xbl plz

  11. Dam I need to dig out my X and Y!
  12. If any of you guys from England, Scotland or Wales happen to get a phone call from a young fella calling from British gas trying to get you to take boiler insurance. Be gem and take it lol

    1. TheOfficialNFS


      would that be you by any chance? :P

    2. Kenny


      Oi it would. So tell your folks you want some boiler insurance for your bday lol

  13. Welcome to Management Team!!!

    Great person to look up to on the site. Very well earned man!