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  1. BHL US Guild for ESO

    BHL Hicks
  2. Earn A Review From Duck

    Alright bud we can game together tonight haha
  3. Signature of the Week #199: LEGO

  4. Signature of the Week: #198: C4D

    This comp should be pretty interesting, I like the new openness the submitter are allowed, it gives us a better sense of there talent and learn about them as a person, ya know?
  5. Thank You BHL Hicks

    Thanks everyone, Really suprsised for the post and the amount of feedback its getting, thank you for the congrats, but i donate for yall, the site has done a lot of good things and Im happy to support that in any way that i can, the same with my country
  6. GTA Heists

    I'll be even tho im still a gta noob but ill play, just invite me to that hierarchy life
  7. New Event Manager!!!

    Congrats Man!!! Wooooo
  8. New Captain!!!

    Congrats Camping Duck Ill see you soon in that review lobby grind!
  9. BHL Monthly | February 2015 Edition

    Good Job Guys! #1stTimeMentionedInANews
  10. Warframe - How-to-Guide and Quick Tips!

    Fine, Ill download it on saturday lol
  11. Gathering Input on a BHL Community Server

    I just got minecraft for pc invite me plz....
  12. Clash of Clans - Clan 3 Team Roster

    Hicks- Hicks0406
  13. Attack Plan for Clan Wars

    "I have read this and understand" Since everyone is given two attacks that they need to use on the war, if you 3 star your target in your first attack, then wait for either the person above you or below you to attack, if they don't get a 3 star with either of there attempts, then clean up and use your second attack to try and 3 star that base. Example: Lets say your #39, you 3 star the guy in your first try, but #40 only gets 2 stars from both attempts on there guy, so you should attack #40 and try and get 3 stars.