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  1. It's been wayyy to long. Hows everyone been?

    1. Maximus
    2. DaRullo58


      Come on Max its been 3 years haha!

  2. Ideas For BHL

    I agree 100% Nuke. We gotta get this rolling!
  3. Making A Change

    I just threw suggestions out, I personally don't care about ranking systems etc, but like Brett said, It is aggravating to log on here and see no one on the SB. I remember a time where it was spammed consistently and everyone was around. I don't have a solution to the problem and no one really does, if we did we obviously wouldn't be here right now. I am in the same boat as you guys I rarely play xbox anymore and rarely log onto BHL however, I have had a Madden obsession lately which got me a little more interested in gaming again , COD just isn't what it was and has gone down hill over the years. Whether BHL's problem is rank, advertisement, lack off effort or the site having issues we don't know. We have to come together and try different things to see where it will go. The next COD in November looks some what decent , I personally say we get something planned before it releases and try to fix whatever this is before then. Like I said, I made this post for opinions on how to fix the site and not just about ranks.
  4. Making A Change

    The site just needs a whole makeover, I guess you would call it. Rank system, recruiting, update the teams etc
  5. Making A Change

    Yeah, I agree completely. Hell, I actually stopped gaming for 2 years straight and didn't even get the xbox one until this past November.
  6. Making A Change

    I'm not big into it either , I know some people are so I thought I would mention it and go from there. I agree, I wouldn't mind going back to the way it was I just think a change needs to happen. Also a few tweaks to the review system would help if you know what i mean. Yeah [patron]Puggle[/patron] I agree . The Bot was big in the community and now its completely dead. Even if we go back to the old ways im ok with it I just think a few adjustments could be made.
  7. Making A Change

    This might be a long post but please bare with me. It's pretty obvious BHL has taken a drastic change over the years. Activity gone down, sites boring etc. Whatever you think about the site right now I'm sure we as members can agree I had a conversation with Pyle and asked him about making this post and with his support here I am . With the activity being down etc, I'm sure everyone's main concern right now with the site is our "New" Ranking structure. We all were used to the Review system, and yes that had it's flaws but at least there was activity on the forums and on xbox. We as a community, older members and newer ones as well should bring ideas and put give our input in on bringing in a new Rank Structure. If its bringing back the review system, bringing in a Brigade system, or bringing in something completely new and trying that out. 1. Brigade System- It is one of the most used Rank Structure in any gaming community. Go to any gaming communities forums and I can bet you 9 times out of 10 they are using a brigade of some sort. They all have differences but at the end of the day they all involve a Brigade. Now with that being said, it could be done but the main concern with that is BHL using IPS. Most brigade communities use vBulletion just because it's an easier layout to work with and it is more private for different brigades to have their own forum. 2. Bringing back the Reviews- All of us can say we had a love hate relationship with BHL's old Ranking Structure. Yes it was outdated , but we could always add or take away things from it etc. At the end of the day it did produce activity and was engaging for members. Especially new ones. 3. Another Idea. We could combine a few things together reviews, posts, recruiter etc. **Example** We could have let's say 5non staff ranks. "Members - Private- Corporal- Sergeant - Major" Then have 4 Staff ranks. Honorary Vet- Moderator - MT- Admin * Self explanatory* Members- Join the site and become active with members etc. When they understand the rules and get familiar with the site they are able to receive a promotion. must have 5 reviews in any game * Promotions are done by Majors only* Private- After learning the site and helping new members. Privates must wait 2 weeks have 10 posts and 10 reviews and be consistent with activity to obtain a promotion. . * Promotions are done by Majors only* Corporal- Corporals help our activity out with a requirement of recruiting at least 2 members a month must have 20 reviews. Sergeant- Must have 3 recruited members a month and have 25 reviews. Major- Reviews members, is in charge of overseeing ranks, promotions I just threw something together as an example nothing to serious about that . 4. We as a community need to bring up ideas together. At the end of the day, the system we have now basically took gaming out of everything. To rank up we have to post, and no gaming is required there is no point in even being considered a gaming community IMO with the one we have now. I understand some of you might be confused as to why I made this post, BHL used to be fun to meet new people and game about 4 years ago, I dont want to see it like it is now which is why I hope some of us members can bring Ideas in and Hopefully Sr+ management can review our ideas and come up with something that will help this community. I understand we all have had differences but we all can agree we dont want to see a place where we made good memories and yes, bad as well just be brought down like it recently has. *** Also, we need new ways of recruiting members again, I had the idea of getting together a media team who are completely responsible for using BHL Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. and getting BHL out there again.***
  8. Missing/Different Ranks

  9. Two New MT's

    Congrats guys!
  10. A Post For Wootie RIP

    RIP Wootie. I didn't know you as well as others may have but this is devastating. His family is in my thoughts and prayers.
  11. Clash Royale Official BHL Clan!

    I'll download it tonight and I'll join! Sounds like fun
  12. a better way to game & chat

    Hmm I like the idea Sounds like it offers alot more than skype
  13. New Suggestion

    Sounds good. I will
  14. New Suggestion

    I'm sure we could but not sure how many people would feel about it.
  15. New Suggestion

    I get what you're saying for sure. I personally don't attend events because of not having a xbox one at the moment. But if rookies aren't attending there then maybe its another problem other than not having interest. Me personally I find events like that to be fun. Rookie night. I truly never thought that was well planned out or executed ( If you will) correctly. I think it can be a huge benefit if used correctly. When I was a captain i saw potential it just never worked out the way I visualized tbh, 2nd time wouldn't hurt just redo a few things but thats a whole other topic with the gaming to post thing I love the new direction BHL went with it . My point of the suggestion was to add onto the rank structure . We don't want ranks to overflow if you know what I mean but maybe that extra rank but add a spark to the activity and keeping it active. I want to express towards the brigade idea because I'm sure not everyone sees it as myself so let me explain myself into further detail. With the brigade . There is usually 1 person in charge of it that hosts weekly meetings , goes competitive and have that bond. Also, as i said keep it in a private area of the site just like EMT. or any team forum is. Usually theres a team chatbox that is used with posts. thats a bonus it raises the post count of members and keeps everyone on the same topic in there. but like I said, throwing suggestions never hurts anyone