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  1. Destiny 2 Fails

    Please keep them coming.
  2. Having Played The Beta....

    I thought the beta was great. The games I played were extremely fast paced though. It was hard to build up streaks with the amount of changes in game all the time. Other than that small fact, it's really refreshing.
  3. Making A Change

    Frankly, Dont think that hope is what we need to be looking for. Let me be honest here, Ive been talking with a lot of people about the site recently. All of us mainly came to the conclusion that we do need a change. We need a change thats very simple. I really dont want to say it, but frankly, we need people who are still around BHL, to accept change. I dont see many staff around much anymore. But that doesnt mean theyre not here. People currently on BHL are all over the place with games. PC, Xbox. Not much PS4. But, its not about Call Of Duty. Its about getting our name back out there. There is literally no YouTube team anymore. That, Im assuming brought in a majority of people. Our Social medias have not been updated in ages. Supply and demand. Where is all the work that been put into that before?
  4. Making A Change

    In my own opinion, I dont see why we need certain rank structures to change BHL. Our forums page right now is still BHL. We just have to have something that stands out. "What makes BHL different from everyone else, that wants people to come to us"? What does the new gaming community do now, thats different than what it was before? Well, the bot made us different but all that did was bring people who wanted things from us, and took it and never came back. What can we do to keep members here? I rememebr 5 Years ago, I was watching Gaming videos on YouTube and saw that BHL had one out, granted I dont recall what it was for, but it caught my attention. I joined up. DJ Longhorn was the first person I met and Gamed with. He was a Captain at the time. I didnt know he needed to get a quota of reviews, but he was more than welcoming to me, he didnt care about the reviews. He bacame a friend to me. He showed me the ropes around here all those years ago, and I thought BHL was the coolest thing. I wanted to stay here and help grow BHL, and help BHL. I wanted to try and make a difference. All Im saying is, I think the issue is, Supply and Demand.
  5. Looking for other gamers

    Will do
  6. Missing/Different Ranks

    Thanks for the fix :)
  7. Feedback on Destiny 2 Beta

    I do enjoy the game so far, its pretty good. As PYLE mentioned to me as we were playing, it seems like the Super Takes a bit longer to get as well as the Super does no last as long. Some new things into the game have stroke an interest for me to actually catch on and learn in this game.
  8. Getting Back Into it

    Hello Destiny BHL Clan members, I just want to let anyone and everyone know, that I plan on getting back into the whole gaming thing here soon, when Destiny 2 Arrives. Anyone is more than willing to have a game or more with me on xbox or PC, ill more than likely try to be on both, but Xbox mainly. In other hands, Anyone who can accept me into the clan on Bungie.com, that would be delightful! Thanks friends, Puggle :) Link: Original Post:
  9. Looking for other gamers

    I will have to look into that game! I have been hearing a lot about it lately. I have been in the discord chat, but never talked or said anything in the chat, but I plan on being way more active for what I can. Thanks Beastly. :)
  10. Looking for other gamers

    Hello friends, I just got my new gaming PC, and was looking for some people to play with.. I wouldn't mind having some recommendations on some good games, as well as some people to play those games with. Here are the specs to my Computer; -Intel Core i7 7700 Quad Core 3.2GHz Processor -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB -16GB DDR4-2400MHz -1TB SATA III HHD -120GB SSD -Windows 10 Home -RGB Coloring with Tempered Glass. So I Can run a lot of games, and have VR Ready. My steam name is " [patron]Puggle[/patron]" and Discord is always on now if anyone has questions, or wants to hit me up to play. Ill maybe post a setup picture at a later date.
  11. 2 New Moderators

    Oh boy! Large Congrats!
  12. battlefield 1 boosting XBOX 1

    Im down
  13. iBUGATTii - Newest BHL Benefactor

    Good stuff Bugatti ?
  14. Note: These changes are not live yet! They're coming on 7/4. The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting and looking at the stats - in particular, card use rates and win rates. You can expect monthly balance changes to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible. In this round of balance changes we’re taking a look at some of the lesser used cards and giving the Goblin Barrel a significant boost! Skeleton Army: Skeleton count increased to 21 (from 20) We found him! The missing 4th Skeleton joined the army. Goblin Barrel: Elixir cost decreased to 3 (from 4), Goblin deploy time increased to 1.2sec (from 1sec), removed impact damage Our previous change didn’t hit the mark, so we’re trying something a bit wilder! 3 Elixir puts the Goblin Barrel on par with the Miner for surprise attacks and value, while still remaining counterable by Arrows, Zap or Fire Spirits. Giant Skeleton: Damage increased by 20% (doesn’t affect Death Damage) Getting to the enemy’s tower is quite challenging for the Giant Skeleton - as it should be - but at least with this change he’ll be one-shotting Goblins on the way. Dark Prince: Damage increased by 8% Until our last round of changes, the Dark Prince dealt half as much damage as the Prince. This change brings his value back in line with his golden brother. Bomber: Damage increased by 9% Despite a few boosts already, the Bomber hasn’t seen a big uptake in usage at the top. Extra damage will make him even more deadly and hopefully a compelling choice again. Wizard: Attack speed increased to 1.6sec (from 1.7sec) A faster attack speed should increase the Wizard’s value when compared to his more attractive cousin, the Ice Wizard. Inferno Tower: Hitpoints increased by 6% In the next update, Zap and Freeze will both reset the Inferno Tower’s damage. We’re giving the Inferno Tower some more hitpoints to compensate for this, and for its low use rates. Elixir Collector: Now affected by slowing and speed up effects (Poison, Freeze, Zap, Rage, Ice Wizard) The Elixir Collector has very high use rates. It hasn’t been affected by slowing or speed up effects (until now: 7/4), so this change will tone it down a little bit and also bring consistency with the Inferno Tower change above. Tombstone: Hitpoints increased by 9% The Tombstone has tough competition as a 3 Elixir defensive option, resulting in low use rates. Extra hitpoints should make it more appealing and an interesting alternative to the Cannon. Bomb Tower: Hitpoints increased by 6% The Bomb Tower is seen extremely rarely at the top, but has a pretty good showing in the early to mid levels. A small hitpoint increase should make it more relevant and interesting in the high Arenas, without overpowering it in the low Arenas. Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the forums or reddit! See you in the Arena, The Clash Royale Team Source