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  1. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? add me on steam: bhl_beastly 

    1. Shox


      Can't find any results for bhl_beastly. Try ishox2711

    2. Beastly


      You on the bhl discord? We play it a ton on there

  2. Starting a Youtube channel can only be done by yourself, its something that if becomes successful will stick with you for years so you need a name that best represents you and a name that is either funny, stands out or sticks with viewers, and thats not something that can be decided for you.
  3. molt and nickatnyte are my go to for anything supercell related lol.. used to like chief pat as well but cant stand him now, especially those awful thumbnails lmao
  4. FR sent, sorry been flooded with work
  5. Grats both of you!
  6. i play league on EW WEST as well... my name is retribution16
  7. Nice pc martle, I do high end gaming as well.. I'll add you on steam once I'm home
  8. Wow that's an old setup
  9. Nvidia has released a new low-end graphics card in the GeForce GT 1030 for entry-level and budget-minded users. It's the latest GPU within Nvidia's 10 series (all equipped with the Pascal architecture), and is priced around $75. The GT 1030 provides a little more power than what an integrated graphics processor (IGP) offers and is targeted to those who mainly play less demanding games such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It's also useful for 4K home theater setups, since many older IGPs cannot do 4K. The single slot GT 1030 from EVGA. The GT 1030 itself has 2GB of VRAM, a 64-bit memory interface, 384 CUDA cores, and includes ports for HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort. Its small form factor of 4.7 by 6.7 inches makes it easier to fit into compact systems, and the 30 watt power draw means it doesn't need much juice. Reference models have a 1468MHz boost clock speed. However, there are many different SKUs from several manufacturers, some offering fanless passive cooling solutions and higher core clocks. AMD's low-end graphics card--the Radeon RX 550--is priced around $80 and features 2GB VRAM, a 128-bit memory interface, and a core clock around 1200MHz depending on the SKU. AMD is also set to reveal the upcoming Vega line of GPUs on May 31 during Computex. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/nvidia-launches-the-geforce-gt-1030-a-low-end-budg/1100-6450202/
  10. When Destiny 2 was first announced, one of the first big pieces of news was that, unlike the first game, it would be coming to PC in addition to consoles. The PC version has remained something of a mystery over the last two months, but we're now beginning to learn more about what computer players can expect. Destiny 2 PC lead David Shaw recently spoke with PC Gamer and revealed, "We do not have dedicated servers for Destiny 2 on PC." That said, Shaw did say Bungie and Vicarious Visions (which is working on the PC version) are aware of concerns related to lag in Destiny, though they are not yet ready to share any specifics regarding tickrate. Similarly, required specs for the PC version have not yet been confirmed, though he suggested more details might be shared around E3 in June. He did offer some reassurance for those who might want to play the game on PC but don't have high-end hardware, saying, "[N]o, you absolutely won't have to buy the latest and greatest hardware to be able to play the game and have a fun, quality experience." Having skipped PC with the first game, Shaw acknowledged the need to "come out of the gate and be legit on day one" to convince PC fans that this isn't a lackluster console port. Activision has previously said the PC version will have "meaningful features" on the platform, and we learned this week that it will offer support for 4K, unlocked framerates, control remapping, and other features. Shaw offered what might be a glimmer of hope for those hoping to move from the console version of Destiny to the PC version of Destiny 2. While we already know that gear won't transfer, your appearance will, and returning players will be eligible to receive some kind of "honor" in the new game. Shaw said, "We definitely have gotten strong feedback that people are interested in [migrating from consoles]. At this time, we don't have anything to announce. We think it's super interesting, we totally get it, but we don't have anything really to say about that topic today." Pressed on the issue by PC Gamer, he continued, "We've already got a pretty sizable history with Destiny and we expect a long one in the future, so I would say there are lots of things we would say, today, we're not doing, but that are on the table. This is something, certainly, I personally think about quite a lot." PC players could be waiting longer to get their hands on Destiny 2 than their console counterparts, as we learned this week that the previously announced September 8 release date for Destiny 2 may not apply to the PC version. (On the bright side, at least it is coming--Switch owners appear to be out of luck.) Whenever it does release, it will operate through Blizzard's launcher app, formerly known as Battle.net. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/destiny-2-on-pc-doesnt-use-dedicated-servers-wont-/1100-6450200/
  11. We got the chance to check out a multitude of new Legendary and Exotic weapons at the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere event. Click ahead to check out each weapon and their associated statistics. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/destiny-2-check-out-these-new-exotic-and-legendary/2900-1241/18/
  12. Destiny 2's big gameplay reveal has provided us with a ton of new details about the game. That includes the fact that there will be new subclasses--with new Supers--among many other additions. In this gallery, we've rounded up images of every skill of the Warlock's new Dawnblade subclass. In addition to the Super ability Daybreak, it provides Warlocks with a skill to heal themselves and nearby players who stand in a designated area. Alternatively, that area can be used to boost players' attack power. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/destiny-2-classes-all-the-warlock-dawnblade-skills/2900-1242/19/
  13. Destiny 2's big gameplay reveal has provided us with a ton of new details about the game. That includes the fact that there will be new subclasses--with new Supers--among many other additions. But even the existing subclasses are seeing some changes for the sequel. In this gallery, we've rounded up images of every skill for the Titan's Striker subclass, which returns from the first game. While many aspects of it will be familiar to returning players, there are some differences. For instance, Fists of Havoc now lets you slam down with one button or shoulder charge with another, while a handful of skills allow the Titan to construct a barrier.