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  1. Anyone up for The Darkest Shore EE? Need to get the secret achievement that requires you to get 250 kills in 1 match with the pommel. Just message me "Invite?" on XBL (Xbox Live), here, or on Discord if interested. *Gamertag is same as username.
  2. Darkest Shore Achievement Hunting

    Anyone up for The Darkest Shore EE? Need to get the secret achievement that requires you to get 250 kills in 1 match with the pommel. Just message me "Invite?" on XBL (Xbox Live), here, or on Discord if interested. *Gamertag is same as username.
  3. Profile Awards Bug

    To All Staff, I hope I used the correct contact method regarding this concern. If not, I have left a message regarding this using the Contact Us feature if anyone hasn't already noticed. Sorry for the bother though, but it seems I have run into a bug/error code (see attached image), while trying to view the 2nd page on my profile awards tab (doesn't matter whether this is on mobile or not). So far I have tried 3 different browsers with no luck both on mobile and PC. Any help on this is appreciated and thanks for your time in advance. If it helps, here is further information. Equipment Used: iPhone 6 Plus and HP Pavilion 13 x360 OS: iOS, Windows 10 iOS Build: Latest Windows Build: Latest Browsers Used: Firefox, Edge (Microsoft Edge), Safari, Chrome (Google Chrome) Browser Builds: Latest iOS Browser App Builds: Latest Regards, BHL Warrior
  4. Been thinking about changing my gamertag on Xbox Live again. What does anyone think about the names: BHL Uplifted, BHL Recreated, BHL Amended, BHL Reconstructed, or perhaps BHL Reborn if those aren't taken? Thanks for your help.

  5. Anyone who knows how to beat survival on master difficulty on the new Star Wars: Battlefront survival missions (Ice Caves and Rebel Base)? Seem to be having a bit of trouble for once. If interested, here's how to contact me: PM me here Twitter: @BHLWarrior Discord: BHL Warrior Message/Invite XBL (Xbox Live) GT (gamertag): BHL Warrior Please note that if I'm not on, I will respond as soon as possible. Just send me a message with a suggested time and date and we will revise if possible and as necessary.
  6. I'm gonna be honest and hope I'm not being too offensive, but...I don't like the new site design so far.

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    2. ThatGamerHines


      I'll say this though, at least we finally have a mobile site that actually works (can finally interact with the community faster and can access the functions of the site as though you were on the desktop version). 

    3. Pit Stains

      Pit Stains

      Ctritism matters because there are people that can actually take criticism to make the site better. If you don't give input, how do we know what to fix to make the site better?



      go to your profile and just look at the options there

  7. Sorry to bother. Does anyone know where to find free LEGAL YT backgrounds? Or sites where I can find a pic to use for my social profiles?

    1. Puggle


      Not sure what you're asking. They are made by people really.

  8. If anybody wants to reach me, you can send me a DM on Discord (just downloaded the desktop app).

  9. This is late, but…figures somebody already took my GT (gamertag) on Fire TV.

  10. Profile Music Player Bug?

    Tried that, keeps saying: "File Not Found." Seems to refuse mp3 URLs as well.
  11. Profile Music Player Bug?

    You can't use the pre-created Favorites playlist on YT?
  12. Profile Music Player Bug?

    Sorry to bother, but does anyone know how to get the profile music player to play a song from a YT (YouTube) URL?
  13. Just pre-ordered Halo 5: LE, SW: Battlefront | Deluxe Edition, and BO3: HE. Sure hope its worth it and get to play them.

  14. Got some Rainbow Six: Siege beta codes if anybody is interested. Just PM me if interested.

  15. Finally got my AIO PC fixed, and upgraded to Windows 10! Not too bad, but can experience what seems like either "latency lag" because of the display driver or lag because of the RAM amount (I would say). All in all though, I'm just glad I didn't have to send it off to get fixed again and hopefully my display driver won't be the issue after upgrading the RAM. :)

    1. BHL Twist
    2. ThatGamerHines


      500GB Hard drive, 2.41 GHz processor speed (max turbo to 2.66 GHz), 4GB RAM (can be upgraded to 8), touchscreen, genuine Windows 8.1 (64-bit), no bluetooth (have a fix for that), WiFi enabled, Intel GMA HD (doesn't say what version anywhere so far), a DVD player, Intel quad core processor, 1 USB 3.0 and 3 USB 2.0 ports.