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  1. Congrats II K1NG LJ II

    welcome to the cool kids club LJ
  2. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

    You guys wouldn't believe what where we were a year ago
  3. 'Special Project' Supervisor

    Make Kysar do it.
  4. MASsACHeWtITz

    welcome to the cool kids club
  5. I hear that you have 10 10th prestiges, what would you like for one of them. I can give you a halo 3 general

  6. Hey AFGHAN

    You might remember that the other day you banned Oo MaGiiCKz x He has just made a new account called Oo RaPiiDZz x and has been putting other peoples gamertags in the invite . i have told several people but no one has done anything about it ?

  7. Nine new BHL Captains!

    Way to be guys, make sure you put some effort into this.
  8. New Honorary Admin

    gixxer you gave us a new face. N1 well deserved.