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  1. Gamertag: Anfield v2 Thanks for invite in advance
  2. Seach and Destroy Boosting with Strafe Run!

    Pours* *Edit. I was sleepy :Told ya:
  3. u - Removed Sexist Comment -

  4. Good to see you coming back!

  5. Halo: Reach Grifball Boosting

    Hey guys, I'm looking to still stay active on the site and at the same time I'm getting more into Halo. If anybody around here still plays Halo and wants to start boosting (or legit), send me a f/r. We will be grifball boosting (2 controllers necessary). It is the safest method and is very very quick. Please drop your gamertag or add me: iMiikeyyy
  6. Haha three, thats nothing. Now five now thats something.

  7. Good to See you back. Great song

  8. YOUR ONLINE! This is iLeprachaunn if you don't remember me! :D

  9. My sigs are awesome =] <3