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  1. If any of the old dudes want to catch up, get me on steam or PS4 - ianaye

  2. Look at this little scrub

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    2. IanAye


      Not too bad man! Just work all the time aha. How's life?

    3. Marty


      This'll no doubt turn uncomprehending conversation that naebdy else will understand.

    4. Mackay x

      Mackay x

      Good stuuf mate. Aye not too bad, working, drinking, football... Same old really haha. You got an Xbox One yet?

  3. Calling ALL Steam Players!

    Recently built myself a rig, steam - ianaye
  4. As anyone who has beat the elite four in X and Y knows already, the more friends you have the more safaris you can visit to catch different pokemon, which is great for IV breeding and catching shinies. So I was thinking why don't we all add eachother on the 3DS to acquire more safaris? Also more people to trade and battle with obviously goes without saying! P.s. I looked around to see if there was a similar thread but couldn't find one. Just redirect me if there is. My friend code: 4356-1247-7048
  5. Calling BHL members to JOIN Evony

    Sorry I took ages to look at this, ahh I've just started one on NA49, but I'll gladly join you guys on 50. The facebook I use for evony is [email protected], give it a wee add just in case I don't check this often.
  6. Calling BHL members to JOIN Evony

    It's been quite a while since I played, I'd be happy to join you guys once a new server opens.
  7. Got MW3 on ebay yesterday for £20 so I could be back very soon ;)

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    2. ShadowSparkzUK
    3. Robbo


      its about time! :)

    4. IanAye


      Rapid all the games are crap to you haha, bar COD4 ofcourse.

  8. Need to come back and get some legit going with you guys again!

  9. back to IanAye? lol :o

  10. that looooks very sexy m8

  11. long time bud. nice to see you're still here