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  1. Last time I boosted with BHL was battlefield 3... those were the days where u could find a crew on here and join up in game and helped u rank up here on the site..... so much old memories!
  2. Knew it wouldn't be long before bar guy nerfed guys too OP
  3. Best gun in the game?

    MP40 is my kinda gun! How u getting in rank wise anyway?
  4. Events

    @Puggle Yeh, totally agree just would like to have some events i know that this games are popular i think its just that BHL'S user bases is based of call of duty and not recruited from battlefield. remember in 2012 when battlefield was really popular on here for boosting now its swapped places with its rival
  5. Events

    Hey, Been a while but hopefully i can get back to BHL more often, Iv Noticed that there's many games out on XBONE but most of them are single player of course. Call of Duty Black ops III is the game on here that most events are held on. In my opinion i don't like COD anymore due to the fact 'Future' Theme' this last 3 years, Admittedly its still very popular. Is there any games future games that BHL will hold events for or current game (Grand theft Auto V, Battlefield)? Making events out of this games are just as easy as BO3 to hold events on. Most users are COD players and i am happy with that its just for people that may not have/want call of duty, We are community that is meant to be one (Such a cringe line<ROFL>) I'm not holding a rant and please dont take it that way i would just like to see more events on other games. Thanks for reading, Kyle *disclaimer Sorry if there is on these games as im just back to BHL*
  6. Fallout 4 giveaway

    Would just like to give a shoutout to @Maximus, He has been really kind to me during my time on this site especially when i was promoted to captain around a year ago, My Ps3 fried and i had to give up my role as a captain but i got a new ps3 and me and @Maximus had a chat and i was promoted back to PS Captain. This was very good of him and i am thankful that he gave me the experience of being a staff member on here and i thurely enjoyed it and hopefully i can make the staff team again! #BHL DAMN PROUD Thanks Max! Kyle,
  7. How to unlock Hero gear for Specialist

    Great Post +1
  8. Community Update

    Love the new idea!
  9. Official BHL MC Server is almost ready!!!

    xStrathModz - Gamer$
  10. FeedBack & Help

    Hey Just Wondering if You clasher's can help me out. I'm not the sharpest tool In the box when it comes to Clash of Clans Thats why i seek advice from you Lot... Heres The base Feed back and improvements please
  11. 2 New Vets+

    yay congratz guys well deserved
  12. New Playstation Pro Member!

    Well Earned
  13. 7 New Captains!

    Thanks for the support
  14. Congrats HQ and HC!!!

    Congratz Guys