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  1. Your previous ranks

    Pro Donator?
  2. BHL FIFA 15 League Competition

    Phatmanbearpig Barcelona skype: phatmanbearpig im 360 so if on the one exclude me
  3. War vs Jubail_Warriors

    agree with above +1
  4. Latest War VS OlivierBilitone

    i like the idea and agree.
  5. BHL's Advanced Warfare Clan [XBOX]

  6. What do you guys think about alienwares new "gaming console" its called alienware alpha it plays steam games http://gyazo.com/0ac3f6be9762f05507f52ca51968016d

    1. BHL Twist

      BHL Twist

      It was announced months ago... Just an expensive version of a media PC. Small form factor may be useful for some but its not worth it.

  7. Introducing the BHL Recruiter Rank !!

  8. FREE Destiny Beta Codes - Any Console

    360 please
  9. BHL gaming.com vs Dragon-fighters WAR 3

    All right guys its that time again WHERE AT WAR! Chrispwr and I have come up with a strategy that we hope will work. (we've ran it by Hifive everything in this post has been approved) RUN DOWN! Everyone will attack there recommended target or aka equal number as there first attack. IF ANYONE ATTACKS THERE NON Recommended PLAYER IT SCREWS UP EVERYTHING! Everyone should AT Least 2 star there recommended base second attacks should be used to clean up when second attacks comes around you will subtract 1 from your number and attack

    Hello BHL and Visitors Today i have gone threw many bases looking for the right one for me for the upcoming update which includes, you guessed it CLAN WARS!!!!!! While I was searching for My Town hall 8 base for the clan wars i thought it would be a great idea to put a list together of TH7 - TH10 Defensive bases for the push/war coming in the following weeks so lets get started (starting from Th7 going to Th10) ps.. any better bases you find PM me and ill switch them out Town Hall 7 Town Hall 8 Town Hall 9 Town Hall 10 Remember this post is just a list of helpful bases you could use for the upcoming clan wars/trophy push thanks for coming by and remember to PM with any questions or with better bases!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Trophy Pushers for a Higher Ranked Clan

    PhatManBearPig - PhatManBearPig love this and will follow in your guys footsteps ready any time
  12. Decisions, Decisions

    i would go amazon they are the best there products are awesome and you could sign up for a free 2 day trial of premium and get your stuff in 2 days its also free shipping
  13. Clash of Clans 25$ iTunes Gift Card Giveaway!

    TH level - 7 soon to be 8 Number of Builders - 4 Name - Sean/PhatManBearPig Why you want the gift card for gems - because so i can boost builders and such
  14. Mug Shots

    just looking fresh as normal